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Mapping Ireland’s Fluoridation Victories

FAN Bulletin | January 31, 2015

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Two more major councils have called on the Irish Government to end the national fluoridation mandate. Councilors in both the city of Galway and in Cavan County have joined seven other Irish councils representing approximately 2 million residents that have voted in opposition to fluoridation over the past year.


On January 26th councilors in Galway passed a motion calling for members to register their opposition to fluoridation “based on documented research that shows a decrease dental caries in all western countries irrespective of whether the water is fluoridated or not, as well as research which shows the effect of fluoride to be topical not systemic (ie works at the location not through the body)”. The motion also called on the Government to organise a national referendum on water fluoridation in the next 18 months, which will “educate the public thoroughly on both sides of the debate and allow their voice to be heard”.

Galway is the sixth most populous city in the country with over 75,000 residents. The vote comes only several months after Cork and Dublin, the two largest cities in the country passed similar motions.

A similar vote by the Cavan County Council (which represents 72,000 residents), comes only two weeks after both the Leitrim and the Wexford County Councils—representing approximately 180,000 residents–passed motions calling for a ban of fluoridation.

According to one Cavan councilor, Cllr McDonald, “This over exposure to fluoride has serious side effects, including dental fluorosis, a developmental disturbance of dental enamel caused by excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during tooth development. The evidence against fluoridation is overwhelming. It is time to stop this mass medication.”

For more information on the victory in Leitrim, please visit the Fluoride Free Towns campaign and “like” their Facebook page.

Fluoridation Conference in Sydney, Australia

If you live in Austraila, especially if you live in the Sydney area, you are invited to attend one of the most important conferences on fluoridation in recent memory.  On Saturday, February 21st some of the leading world experts on fluoridation will be speaking at a day-long public seminar to explore the science for and against the practice. The theme of the conference is “Water Fluoridation: Exploring the Science,” and will feature 20-30 minutes presentations, along with plenty of time for Q&A, from speakers including:

  • Prof. Paul Connett PhD  – Chemistry/toxicology
  • Dr Bill Hirzy PhD – former risk assessment scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Prof Ray Kearney PhD – infectious diseases and immunology
  • Dr. Stan Litras BDS- dentist NZ
  • Dr Andrew Harms BDS – dentist & former president of ADA (SA Branch)
  • Dr. Geoff Pain PhD – chemistry
  • Dr. Jane Beck BSc. MBBS – medical practitioner NZ
  • ADA/NSW Health/Syd Uni – supporting water fluoridation

NOTE: Organizers have invited the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Sydney University Dental Faculty to present and are still awaiting confirmation of a speaker/s

The event will be moderated by Dr. Ron Ehrlich, BDS, FACNEM (Dent), and will be held from 9:30AM to 4:30PM in the University Hall at the University of Technology, Sydney (15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW).

Click here for more information 

Click here to Register for this event

Dallas Council Votes on Fluoridation Contract 

On Wednesday the Dallas City Council voted to approve their $1 million dollar contract with Mosaic Crop Nutrition for fluoridation additives for the next three years. The vote came after a year of debate and opposition from residents and local professionals.

But local residents are not giving up and are more determined than ever to end this outdated practice. According to Regina Imburglia, “We tried to do this politely and give the councilors a chance to do the decent thing. But they didn’t listen to either common sense or the science we shared with them. Now we have to find a way to give citizens a vote on this matter. This is too important for our children to allow a handful of dentists to run roughshod over our human rights. The last children in our city who need their IQ lowered are those from low-income families, precisely those who dentists say they are trying to help. We are determined that our campaign is going to grow that we will eventually end fluoridation not just in Dallas but throughout Texas.”

The good news is that there are still more opportunities to end fluoridation in Dallas, and we expect the campaign to not only continue, but to grow and build even more momentum in the coming weeks and months. To join or learn more about this campaign, please visit Fluoride Action North Texas’ website and Facebook page.

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Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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