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How to Win Your Campaign — Don’t Miss This Teleconference

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | October 7, 2016

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th at 5pm (Eastern U.S. time) the next International Fluoride Free Teleconference will be held, and you definitely don’t to miss it.  Anyone involved with a campaign or thinking about taking action should absolutely be on this free teleconference.

On May 17, 2016, Newport citizens voted down fluoridation by a landslide 64% – 36%. This is Oregon’s second major victory in three years, with Portland voting it down in 2013 by a similar 61% – 39%.  Following both campaigns, Riley Research Associates, a Portland-based consulting firm, surveyed voters on the most effective messaging. These are the only two professional post-election polls conducted so far by fluoridation opponents.

The call will feature campaign advisor Rick North explaining in detail how the fluoride-free campaigns he worked with in Portland and Newport, Oregon won their fluoridation battles so significantly.  He will be sharing the results of professional surveys conducted after each of these victories, which provide insight into the most effective arguments and audiences to target.  He will also be answering questions and offering a comprehensive look at how they built their grassroots campaigns and maintained momentum throughout the process despite many roadblocks.  Teleconference participants will also be sent a link to a webpage that will display a powerpoint presentation to accompany Rick’s audio presentation over the phone.

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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