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The Girl Against Fluoride and her Naked Calendar

FAN Bulletin | November 13, 2013

Dear Supporter,

The campaign to end fluoridation in Ireland is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fluoride campaigns in the world. Led by the positive creativity of Aisling Fitzgibbon (aka “The Girl Against Fluoride“), the Irish campaign has generated an unprecedented level of public interest and support, and what once seemed impossible (ending fluoridation) now seems within reach.

In recent months, a bill to end fluoridation has been introduced in parliament, a popular Irish magazine (Hot Press) has begun to actively investigate the issue, and Aisling has found a talented team of pro-bono attorneys to mount a bold new legal challenge to the national mandate. The Irish campaigners received an added boost when news surfaced that a parliamentary report calling for an end to fluoridation back in 2007 had been suppressed.

It is now distinctly conceivable that, just as Israel did earlier this year, Ireland could end its fluoridation program. To help make this dream a reality, however, Aisling and the Irish campaigners need our support. That’s where The Naked Calendar comes in!

The Naked Calendar is full of colorful pictures of Aisling and others getting naked to convey how forced fluoridation strips each person of their right to be free from forced medication. The calendar is available for purchase (14 Euro) on The Girl Against Fluoride website, and all proceeds will go to help Aisling’s ongoing efforts to reach new audiences in the fluoridation campaign. Aisling writes:

“I am The Girl Against Fluoride, the girl who is taking the Irish Government to court in 2014 to reverse the 50 year policy of mandatory water fluoridation. My team and I created a Naked Calendar to help pay for expert witnesses who will testify against fluoride and also to educate people about the risks of water fluoridation. Interspersed with pictures of beautiful models are fact bubbles that tell the story about fluoride in the water.  The calendar can be bought on the website www.thegirlagainstfluoride.com It retails at 14 euro outside of Ireland including post and packaging.”

FAN encourages everyone with the means to support this great effort. A victory in Ireland will be a MAJOR blow to fluoridation everywhere, and a great hook to challenge fluoridation in your own community. Good luck Aisling! Go Irish!

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It needed something very special to break through the “Dublin Wall” that has protected the forced fluoridation of Ireland’s water supplies since 1963. A practice propped up by government propaganda and media acquiescence. Many have tried. Robert Pocock led a valiant battle before he passed away. A group called Dentists Opposed to Fluoridation led by Don McCaulie tried but they were outgunned by the dental establishment. Green MP (and former mayor of Dublin) John Gormley wrote a scathing report but his committee never released it. Declan Waugh, an environmental scientist, has recently published reams of paper documenting the dangers of fluoridation but once again has been treated with disdain and denial by the government’s “Dublin Wall.” Fluoridation, it would seem, must go on in Ireland for some unexplained reason.

But then there were two strikes and they came from the same source. A schoolteacher who persuaded her class to study the issue, and they did — and they did more: they formed the group Kids Against Fluoride. A very creative group that sports a blue glove with an anti-fluoride sign on the palm. By holding their hands up, singly or en masse, they get the message across, “It’s time to stop fluoridation.” The same schoolteacher also blessed Ireland with a 24 year old daughter named Aisling Fitzgibbon. Like Lady Godiva, this “Girl Against Fluoride” has taken off her clothes to reveal the truth. And like the character in Hans Christian Anderson has revealed that it is not her that has no clothes on but the “Emperor of Fluoridation”–the Ministry of Health itself. She is persuading many other young women and even legislators to do the same – and memorializing the naked truth in a calendar.

Aisling not only has an eye for the kind of creative approaches that can capture the imagination of the public, but she is very well-informed on the in’s and out’s of the fluoridation issue. She is very bright and articulate and more than held her own on national radio against the most slippery of Irish propagandists for fluoridation, Dr. Joe Mullen.

With the new Israeli Minister of Health announcing an end to mandatory fluoridation in Israel, surely Ireland must be next. If it is, the Irish people will have to thank Aisling Fitzgibbon and her mother for their energy and creativity in this matter. The Dublin wall is coming down.

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