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Face to Face With Fluoridation Proponents

Fluoride Action Network | December 3, 2015

Yesterday (Dec 2) we received a total of $4,605 from 21 supporters, this combined with our Dec 1 total ($2,452 from 19 supporters) and the remaining $3,774 from a matching pledge, brings our current grand total to $10,631 from 40 supporters.

Please consider making a contribution towards FAN’s goal of raising $200,000 by midnight Dec 31.  Most of our funding each year comes from our individual supporters who are on the frontline campaigning against fluoridation. If you wish to help FAN’s campaign to end water fluoridation – and especially in the U.S. where this reckless practice began – please donate today.

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Face to face with our opponents

As our readers and supporters well know the proponents of fluoridation simply deny any evidence of harm and plough ahead in their promotion of this reckless practice. They can get away with this because they have millions of dollars (some of it provided by taxpayers) to spend on propaganda while the media is doing a lousy job of providing any in-depth coverage of the issue. However, this policy of “denial” comes unstuck when on very rare occasions fluoride proponents find themselves in a public meeting or media event where both sides have an equal chance of providing their case. It is thus very important that when these rare events occur that they are recorded allowing the public to see and hear both sides when they come face to face (or microphone to microphone).

There were two important occasions where this happened in 2015.

1)   The 45-minute public TV debate from East Brunswick NJ where FAN’s past director Paul Connett squared off against Dr. Ritchie Kahn, past president of the NJ Dental association.

2)   The 30-minute debate that took place on a public radio station from Pennsylvania in November where Michael Connett, FAN’s current director, took on a dentist and two officials from the PA Department of Health. Fortunately the radio host knew the issue very well, which helped to balance out the 3 against 1 situation.

If you found these debates helpful to you we urge you to support more of the same in 2016. Please make a donation to our campaign for 2016 today.

Paul Connett, PhD
Senior Advisor to FAN
Director of the 2015 Annual Fundraiser

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PS If you want your child’s (or grandchild’s) image to be on a card in a deck of cards (“52 beautiful reasons to end fluoridation”) please send us an electronic image of them holding or drinking a glass of water to info@fluoridealert.org asap.

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