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Fluoridation promoters going for broke

FAN Bulletin | December 19, 2014

Dear Supporter:

When you consider that they have money to burn you can understand why fluoridation promoters believe that they can win this issue without the science to demonstrate that the practice is safe, effective or cost-effective. However, recent moves by fluoridation zealots suggest that they are risking everything to keep this foolish practice going. These gamblers are literally going for broke.

Their moves are meant to counter the recent string of local and national victories that have been achieved throughout the fluoridating world. The pro-fluoridation strategy: if you are losing locally (where citizens can educate themselves and their decision-makers) then go nationally, where you can take full advantage of the weight of your financial superiority and the influence of your Public Health authority that you can exercise at the highest levels of government and the media.

The danger of course in this pro-fluoridation strategy (from their perspective) is that it makes fluoridation into a national issue, allowing more and more open-minded and intelligent people to see this practice for the huge scam it is.  Also it will highlight the decline in the competence of Public Health personnel in fluoridating countries. We have given examples below from Ontario, NZ and the UK, but first here is an update on our Fundraiser.

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Here are some examples of the latest pro-fluoridation strategy in play:

1)   In Ontario, having lost fluoridation battles throughout the province, the Ontario Dental Association had got one of its front men to introduce a bill to mandate fluoridation in Ontario. A hole in one if they pull it off, but in the process they will galvanize one of the best anti-fluoridation coalitions in the world. The end result? If they lose, the pros could lose Toronto, which would almost certainly end the practice in Canada. It is not coincidental that the front man in question, Bob Delaney is the Provincial Member of Parliament (MPP) for the Peel region, where a very promising lawsuit has been launched.

2)   In New Zealand, where fluoridation is under intense pressure at both the local level and in the courts, the government is trying to re-invent the English language and officially rule that fluoride as used in fluoridation schemes is not a medicine. In most places on this planet a medicine is defined as a substance used to fight or prevent a disease, and fluoridation is used to fight dental disease. Note: a medicine is not defined by its effectiveness but by its purpose.  This is what we have been sent on this from Fluoride Free NZ:

The New Zealand Government has announced that it is taking public submissions on a pending application to exempt fluoridation chemicals (Hydrofluorosilicic acid and Sodium Silico Fluoride) from the New Zealand Medicine’s Act, even though their sole stated purpose is to treat people to prevent dental decay.  Closing date is the 9th January 2015. http://www.medsafe.govt.nz/consultations/medicine-regulations-fluoride-in-drinking-water.asp

… We URGENTLY need many professionals and members of the NZ AND INTERNATIONAL public to write submissions saying why fluoride should NOT be allowed an exemption under NZ law. .. (please include professional qualifications and background, if applicable.

This has come about as a result of a Judicial Review against the Ministry of Health in November 2014.  http://www.bellgully.co.nz/resources/pdfs/New-Health-v-A-G-2014-NZHC-2487.pdf

The most shocking thing is that in his judgment, Justice David Collins intervened and advised the Ministry of Health’s legal team to apply for this exemption for fluoride in water supplies (under the Medicines Act, PC) ! Exempting fluoride in water supplies would be unprecedented. As yet, no exemptions have been issued for ingested substances, so if this exemption is granted, fluoride would be the first. This could close the door to planned future legal challenges on fluoridation in New Zealand.

3) In the UK, after the long and very successful battle to keep fluoridation out of Southampton, the newly formed agency Public Health England is stepping up efforts to fluoridate communities throughout England. The first battle is shaping up in Bedford, UK. Meanwhile, the pro-fluoridation forces have nobbled leaders of the Labor party who have pledged to support fluoridation if they win the next election. The leadership probably believes what the dental lobby tells them, namely that this will help children from low-income families. If only these “leaders” would get one of their aides to read the literature on fluoride’s ability to lower IQ, they might appreciate that the last children who need their IQ lowered are children from low-income families.

So what do we do? FAN – with your help – we must continue the uphill task of educating the public in all fluoridated countries on both the dangers and foolishness of this practice. And we need to do this in every way we can and with every means we can. This includes our web page, facebook, twitter, presentations, debates, and producing more videos and more publications. Next week we will include in our bulletins more ammunition that will  be helpful for citizens in this task. One bulletin I am working on right now is “10 Key Studies That Challenge the Fluoridation Promoters’ mantra.”

We thank all of you for everything you are already doing in these efforts.

Paul Connett, PhD
Executive Director of FAN,
co-author, The Case Against Fluoride (Chelsea Green, 2010)

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