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Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 19, 2020

This weekend’s bulletin honors one of our key staff members: Jay Sanders. Jay is our Education and Outreach Director. When you enter our webpage the trending topics (revolving mastheads) have all been designed by Jay (logos etc.) and many of the videos that are located there have been edited by Jay. Today’s video is an example. This video features the audio-track of the podcast issued by the JAMA Pediatrics editors on the day that they published the landmark mother-offspring IQ by Green et al in 2019. Jay has not changed the soundtrack but has added in B-roll shots to illustrate and emphasize some of the points being made.

Jay has done this because all of us at FAN believe that this podcast was of extreme importance for several reasons: 1) the importance of this US government-funded study itself; 2) the honest and open way these editors admitted their own ignorance on the scientific literature with respect to the harm fluoride may cause and its neurotoxicity in particular; 3) their previous acceptance of the “safe and effective” mantra dished up to them by their professional bodies – virtually without question; 4) their surprise to find that most of the civilized world is not fluoridated and finally, 5) their advice that pregnant women should avoid fluoride.

We at FAN thought that these candid thoughts of the JAMA editors would be a game changer for pediatricians – but sadly too few of them have spoken up to warn pregnant women or parents who bottle feed their infants not to use fluoridated water. Ellen will be writing more about the abysmal performance of the American Academy of Pediatrics on this matter in a future bulletin.

So thank you Jay for editing this videotape and all the many other things you do for FAN, including your important work filming the many depositions for the TSCA lawsuit, helping with re-designing our website (ongoing), and just agreeing to chair the FAN Advisory Council.  Another of Jay’s roles is the occasional blast from his trumpet. Jay is a Jazz musician and performs on both trumpet and piano in gigs in the San Franciscan area.

One of our super-angels would also like to acknowledge and honor Jay’s work by doubling the first $1000 raised over the weekend.  Our current totals: $48,438 from 338 supporters.

Don’t forget that if you live in the United States any donation will earn you a copy of the book “The Fluoride Question: Panacea or Poison.”  Just email Ellen at Ellen@FluorideALERT.org if you want a copy.

Please also note that when we reach 300 supporters we will be awarded $300 from another super-angel.

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