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What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 21, 2017

Below is a moving letter FAN received a few days ago from Audrey Adams, a campaign leader in Washington State, about her son Kyle.  According to the promoters of fluoridation, people like her son – who are hypersensitive to fluoride – don’t exist. Unfortunately, the severe impact of fluoride on some individuals is all too real, as you’ll learn from the letter below.  We at FAN would like to thank Audrey for sharing with us this powerful and often painful story about her son.

Before we get to the letter, here is an update on our fundraiser.  We had a very good day yesterday and by midnight we had just topped $70,000 (actually $70,038) from 289 supporters. Don’t forget that one of our super angels has pledged to donate $1,000 when we have reached 300 donors and donor #300 will win one of our books or the equivalent value in other premiums. We are likely to reach that number today. We will phone or email the winner.

REMINDER: On Wednesday, December 27th at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST), FAN will be holding a Live Auction broacast over our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), in which supporters can bid (and out-bid!) each other on various donated items. You can bid via email prior to the event, and by phone during the live auction.

If you have something you would like to donate to our auction, please email a photo and description of the item to Jay Sanders: jstandards@yahoo.com

Meanwhile, a huge thank you to all those 289 supporters who have donated so generously during the last 20 days and for everything else you do during the year to end this unethical and reckless practice.

How to Donate:

You can make a donation at our secure online server, or by check, payable to Fluoride Action Network, and mail to:

c/o Connett
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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

FAN supporters might be wondering why I chose this title for my piece, “What’s Love got to do with it?” This came to me after I had received a couple of what I called “love letters” one from Paul and one from Stu, which I mixed up. Then the two things merged in my mind – the love that a mother has for her son and the love we need to keep FAN doing its wonderful work of helping so many people rid this poisonous practice from their lives…

Here is my note to Paul and letter to FAN’s supporters:

Dear Paul,

To my delight, your December 18 love letter arrived filled with oh-so-many helpful tips to get me through my stressful day (…or week, month, year).  I simply don’t know what I’d do without your ongoing guidance helping me protect my autistic son, Kyle, from all forms of fluoride.

Oops!  I see that it was not Paul, but Stuart, who sent me that particular “Dear Audrey” love letter.  No matter, both of your “labors of love”—that is, your devotion to protecting all of us from fluoride—makes me cherish each of you immensely.  But you are just the tip of the iceberg!  Everyone at FAN earns my heartfelt thankfulness for giving me the tools that I need daily to keep my son’s pain at bay.

To my Dear Fluoride Fighting Friends,

Some of you may recall my 3-part “Kyle’s Story” so you might remember how critical FAN’s detailed information, like Stuart’s 12/18/17 email, is to my family.  Protecting Kyle from fluoride exposure isn’t something I can do once a month and be done with it—it requires all of my efforts, all of the time, every day.  And still, it is so easy to make an accidental slip and offer him a (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free, walnut-free ) mostly-organic cookie that has non-organic chocolate chips or raisins in it, both of which can be high in fluoride.  Stupid me!  Have you seen a grown man sob, then scream, from pain?  I have—hundreds of times—especially before I discovered that Kyle is a “miner’s canary” in this fluoride-toxic world.

The cost of these mistakes can be huge to a fluoride hypersensitive person.  My child’s pain—even if he’s 32 and towers over me—is a twisting knife in my heart.  And it’s a frightening reminder that what I do is just barely possible for me…but impossible for the many, MANY thousands of parents who don’t know that FLUORIDE HURTS their chemically sensitive children, young or old.  What if that child is non-verbal?  What if that child is always in pain because the exposures to fluoride are everywhere?

That’s where FAN’s fantastic website, informative newsletters, courageous legal battles, world-wide conferences, research library, teleconferences, education to officials, efforts to change policies, local fluoride-fighting assistance—and about 100 other things—ARE SO IMPERATIVE!

So I’m asking you, my FAN friends, for your gift of another year supporting this critical work.  It’s immeasurably better than any Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain, considering the vast majority of FAN’s productivity is given generously by professionals here in the States and around the world volunteering their time and expertise, coming together for one purpose—to protect all of us from fluoride.  And your donation to FAN would be like a Secret Santa gift for everyone who does not know they have a fluoride-sensitive canary in their house (with or without feathers) or do not know that they themselves are suffering from one of fluoride’s many harmful and hurtful symptoms.

I have chronically worried, who is going to be Kyle’s fluoride guard when I’m gone?  But after attending the FAN conference in September—and feeling so much love and generosity, paired with intelligence and perseverance from all of you around the world—I took your gift home with me: Hope for the future.  Please “share the love” with a donation to FAN today.

What’s love got to do with it?  EVERYTHING.

Love to all,

Audrey Adams
Renton, WA

**PS (Paul’s love letter to Audrey) — “Audrey you really are the most incredible person – I am so proud to know you.”

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