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LISTEN: New Podcast Featuring FAN Attorney

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 22, 2021

Michael Connett, the lead attorney in FAN’s ongoing lawsuit against the EPA over the neurotoxicity of fluoride, recently appeared on a podcast to discuss the federal case and the health effects of fluoridation.  The 50-minute audio interview took place on the Joyous Health podcast with host Joy McCarthy, a Certified Nutritionist and best-selling author.  Connett discusses how fluoridation policy differs around the world, the long-term effects of exposure, infant and fetal neurotoxicity, why government agencies aren’t stopping the practice, and the implications of the lawsuit.  Listen and share today:

Michael Connett and FAN’s federal lawsuit were also recently featured in an article published in Nature, one of the world’s most important scientific journals. The piece, entitled “The Fluoride Wars Rage On,” highlights the growing catalogue of published research and chorus of veteran scientists raising serious safety concerns about fluoridation.

Next Federal Court Hearing

The Court has scheduled the next status hearing for our federal TSCA case for January 18, 2022 at 2:30PM (Pacific time) / 5:30PM (Eastern)  The Judge has made it clear since the trial last summer that he wants to wait for the publication of the National Toxicology Program’s state of the science review on fluoride’s neurotoxicity.  This document isn’t expected to be released until February or soon thereafter.

STAY TUNED! We hope to have a special video update for FAN supporters from Michael Connett next week. We will also continue to provide any breaking news and updates via email and on social media throughout the remainder our TSCA legal action.

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director

Exciting Fundraising Offer

Yesterday was not nearly as productive as the day before, but it still brought us very, very close to one of our mini-goals before Christmas ($50,000 from 500 donors). Our current totals stand at $49,719 from 390 donors. So today we are again looking for a lot of small donations ($5 and $10) to get closer to 500 donors. Don’t forget we will receive $400, $450 and $500 when we reach our milestones of 400,450 and 500 donors respectively. To help us get the number of donors up to these levels one of our Superangels will double the first $1000 received today AND…

We also have an exciting and unusual challenge from Jack Crowther from Rutland, Vermont. He will donate — and pay the delivery postage for — a brand new Aqua Tru water filter to the highest American donation (but below $1,000) made before Christmas Eve midnight. To make sure we know that you are bidding on this, please end your donation with 1 (i.e. $201, $301, etc.). Jack writes of his experience with this filter:

“I have used one of these countertop reverse osmosis filters for several years here in Rutland, which fluoridates its water supply. I have been happy with its performance and the taste of the water. The unit has four filters contained in three cylinders that are changed periodically. The filters are said to remove 83 contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates and more. I sent a sample to the state water testing lab, which confirmed the fluoride removal. A gallon of tap water produces 3 quarts of filtered water in about 10 minutes, with a gallon of backwash water discarded at the end of the process. The filtered-water tank can be put in the refrigerator. You can find more details of the product at AquaTruwater.com.”

So help us have some fun with our number of donors today!

Paul Connett, PhD

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