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Exciting New Brochure & Premium For Supporters

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 26, 2016

We would like to thank all our supporters for adding to the joys of our Christmas holiday by the steady flow of donations over the weekend. Our current totals stand at $118,865 from 403 donors en route to our ultimate goals of $150,000 from 1000 donors by midnight (PT) Dec 31.

We have never reached either goal before but one of our super-angels has devised a incredibly generous plan to help us get there. He will donate $4000 when we reach the 500 donor milestone and another $2000 for each 100 donor milestone after that.

There is a simple way you can help us to get those numbers up.  We know these are hard times for many people.  If $10 is too much (the minimum for an online donation) you can send FAN a check for half that, and mail it to the address below.  Just send a short email to pconnett@gmail.com so that I can add it to our running totals.

Also if you have not donated already and you want to include other members in your family as supporters, please put their first names separated by commas, with your name first, on the donation form online.

You can watch these numbers grow over the next few days via our webpage (www.FluorideACTION.net) -see the first revolving masthead.

New Brochure on Environmental Justice

FAN’s outreach and education director, Jay Sanders, has created a new brochure on Fluoridation and Environmental Justice that campaigners and supporters should find useful when educating their leaders, neighbors, and especially potential coalition partners.  It compliments the report FAN submitted to the Environmental Justice Interagency Working Group in September of 2015.

This is just the first, of hopefully many, brochures, handouts, and educational materials FAN will be producing over the next year!

New Premium: Video on Fluoride and the Brain

Jay is currently editing a new FAN video entitled “Michael Connett, Fluoride and the Brain.” If all goes well this will be posted on our website on Thursday or Friday.  However, if you want to order your own DVD of this to use in our 2017 educational campaign in support of our petition to the EPA you can secure a DVD copy for a $11 donation. (if you want multiple copies please email Ellen at  ellen@fluoridealert.org for prices). We will be sending these DVDs out as soon as they have been copied.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network, a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project. To do so you can either:
  • Donate online using our secure server.  If you should experience difficulty in donating at our secure server, please call Network For Good at 1-888-284-7978 and press option 3 to make your donation over the phone.
  • Or by check – please make checks payable to Fluoride Action Network and send to: FAN, c/o Connett, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton NY 13905
PREMIUMS: See the exciting premiums we have available (with photos!) here.
Paul Connett, PhD
Member of FAN 2016 Fundraising Team

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