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What Fluoride Promoters Don’t Want You to Know

FAN Bulletin | December 27, 2013

Dear Supporter,

Before we get to Michael’s progress report on the FAN Flash Drive, here is an update on our Fundraiser. 

Fundraising update

As of midnight Dec 27 we had reached the magnificent total of $90,320 from 485 donors. To this good news we need to add that the next $3,840 will be doubled via a challenge grant from a very generous supporter. So, today donations will go twice as far.

We still have a long way to go reach our ambitious goals of $120,000 from 600 donors by midnight Dec 31, the FAN team is beginning to believe we can do this but we only have 4 days left so we are going to need everyone’s help. Every donation (tax-deductible if you live in the U.S.)– large or small – will count. What would greatly help our effort would be to get some large pledges to kick in if, and when, we reach $100,000 so we can make our last difficult leg less daunting.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation you can either:

  • Donate by sending a check – payable to Fluoride Action Network – to: FAN, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton, NY 13905

Some of you have been staggered by what appears to have been blatant fraud in the “study” that launched the fluoridation program in New Zealand (see yesterday’s bulletin) but brace yourself for more revelations to come. Here is Michael’s progress report on his Flash Drive project. You can also hear Michael in person on a Jan 12 teleconference being organized by Clint Griess. 

We are providing the Flash Drive for a premium of $75. And as a SPECIAL OFFER we are offering the Flash Drive and the Fluoridegate DVD together for premium of $99.

FAN Flash Drive Progress Report
By Michael Connett, Special Projects Director for FAN

Up until now, the unpublished history of fluoride has been very difficult to obtain, as the historic records are scattered in numerous collections located in disparate regions of the world. Next week, the “FAN Flash Drive” will change this state of affairs — and radically so.

In one two-inch flash drive, you will receive thousands of pages of scanned and searchable documents that have been culled from numerous private and public collections. In addition to the documents that we previously described, the Flash Drive will include over 1,500 pages of new material that I scanned last week on a cross-country trip to several key archives, including:

·   The National Archives in College Park, Maryland and Morrow, Georgia (home of the declassified documents of the Manhattan Project and Atomic Energy Commission).

·   The National Library of Medicine in Washington D.C. (home of the H. Trendley Dean; Ruth Roy Harris, and C. Everett Koop collections).

·   The Henry Winkler Center at the University of Cincinnati (home of the Robert Kehoe papers).

No longer will you have to travel to the National Archives in Morrow, Georgia to read the Manhattan Project’s “Newburgh File” on the Newburgh fluoridation experiment. All you’ll need to do is click a button on your mouse, and voila, the document is yours to read and share.

Ditto for the Kettering Institute’s unpublished studies on fluoride toxicity;  the National Institute of Dental Research’s hospitable correspondence with fluoride-polluting industries in the 1950s; the transcript of the Manhattan Project’s January 1944 conference on Fluoride Metabolism; the transcript of the infamous 1951 dental conference where Frank Bull spelled out, in starkly honest terms, the PR tactics for selling fluoridation, and on, and on.

After releasing the Flash Drive next week, FAN will be uploading the documents to an interactive online database that we hope to launch by the end of January, alongside our new Study Tracker.

Media Interest

Two journalists from national publications in the U.S. have expressed an interest in certain findings in the documents that FAN will be releasing. Over the coming weeks, therefore, FAN will be working with these journalists to do whatever we can to ensure that these documents get the coverage they deserve. One trade-off in doing so, however, is that we will need to embargo a small number of the documents in the Flash Drive. These embargoed documents will be included on the Flash Drive, but will require a password to open. As such, the embargoed documents will not be accessible until FAN circulates the passwords for opening them, which we expect will be sometime in January. For those anxious to dive into the material, please rest assured that there will be more than enough material on the Flash Drive to keep your interest in the interim.

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