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You can play a hand in toppling fluoridation’s “House of Cards”

FAN Bulletin | December 29, 2013

Dear Supporter,

As of 11 pm Dec 28 we had reached $95,982 from 535 donors. That means we need another 65 donations by midnight tonight (Sunday Dec 29) to receive an additional pledge of $1000 (please email me at pconnett@gmail.com if you have – or will be putting – a donation in the mail, because it may not reach us in time).

The first $1,009 donated will be doubled today, thanks to the remaining money left in the kitty from a very generous matching challenge.

We now have just three days left to reach our ambitious goals of $120,000 from 600 donors by midnight Dec 31.

Some very good news that should make our task a little easier

If and when we reach $100,000 another $4,000 pledge will kick in. So if we could raise another $ 3,009 and 65 donors today our total would leap to $105,000.

Now for the premium, which will provide you and your friends a hand to play in the educational battle to topple fluoridation’s “House of Cards.”

We have put an edited version of the popular “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation” plus two more arguments on the faces of a pack of playing cards with a colorful version of FAN’s logo on the back. You can see some examples of these below.

We will make this exciting premium available for any pledge of $27 or more within the U.S., or $37 or more outside the U.S. (the extra $10 to cover postage).  Please expect delivery of the cards some time in late January.

Should you pledge more than $27 or $37 please email me at pconnett@gmail.com to confirm that you want this premium.

Can you imagine inviting a few friends over for a game of cards and then spending part of the night educating them using this deck? This is what is called putting some fun into a serious campaign! I hope you agree and that you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to FAN’s, “Education to end Fluoridation” campaign. Details below.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation you can either:

  • Donate by sending a check – payable to Fluoride Action Network – to: FAN, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton, NY 13905.  But please email us at pconnett@gmail.com to make sure that your donation is counted in our total BEFORE the Dec. 31 midnight target time.  The mail can be slow!

Thank you for everything you are doing to end fluoridation in your community, your state and your country.

Paul Connett,

Director of the Fluoride Action Network


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