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Historical copy of an important Fluoride book up for bid

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 29, 2021

Our current December Fundraising totals stand at $92,854 from 682 donors, on our way to our goal of $150,000 from 1,500 supporters. This means if we can get 18 donations (of any amount) today we will receive another milestone bonus, $1400 when we reach a total of 700 donors.

With the doubling continuing today (until we reach $95,000) we could be very close to another magnificent milestone of $100,000 by the end of the day…

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated in this December fundraiser and also in the Summer- large or small – every donation counts. I wish I could convey to you how exciting it is to see the donations come in each year. New names and old “friends” whose names I have seen year after year. In some cases rather like receiving Christmas cards. In our case, an annual celebration of generosity, hope, integrity and persistence. Of course, it is really exciting when the big donations come in (we received two for $1000 late last night) but it is equally exciting when a family donates in the names of their children or grandchildren. These not only swell our donor total but remind us why we do this year after year.

And now a little journey to the past.

Historical Copy Of An Important Fluoride Book Up For Bid

One of the earliest books which dealt with the bad science and politics behind fluoridation was the book “The American Fluoridation Experiment” by Fred Exner and George Waldbott and edited by James Rorty, published in 1957 (just 5 years after the US PHS had endorsed fluoridation).


Most people who have followed this issue know the importance of George Waldbott, but fewer know about Fred Exner. He was radiologist from Seattle, Washington and he went further than Waldbott in exploring the possible economic motivations behind fluoridation. I don’t think many pro-fluoridation folks could stand up to him in debate. He knew far too much.

The copy of this book was given to us for auction because of its historical nature by our late and dear colleague Dr. Spedding Micklem, shortly before he passed away (aged 88) in October.

The book is in excellent condition with plastic dust cover. It also contains two messages from Fred Exner and his wife Dorothy on the back of two mimeographed Christmas greetings (for different years) to the owner of the book (Mrs. R S Sturtevant of Ocean Springs,Mississippi) and presumably other owners of the book that the Exners knew.

The message includes these comments on fluoridation:

“…Further research by Fred on skin and color vision gives ever more gratifying results. He has had only occasional trips this year because most communities can now defend themselves successfully against fluoridation with only help from the mail.  But numerous articles for publication and countless letters still take much time. Fluoridation will again be on the ballot in Seattle in March and this will require much time and effort. But this time a substantial proportion of Seattle physicians are opposed and reasonably well-informed whereas in 1952, only a handful opposed it….”

Perhaps a history buff can work out the year that was written.

In the second Christmas greeting, Dorothy writes:

“The Greater N.Y. Committee Opposed to Fluoridation has just published his (Exner’s , PC) new book with his testimony before the Ontario Fluoridation Investigating Committee and a critical analysis of the Dean testimony in Chicago. This year he testified in St. Louis, twice in Chicago, and went twice to Chicago to help with cross-examinations. There were also trips to New York, Yakima, and two to the San Francisco region. This year’s desperate grand-push by the fluoridators was an admitted flop; and we now have decisions against fluoridation in courts in St. Louis County and Council Bluffs, Iowa.”

Some of you may have read in last week’s Dolan report that Fred Exner was also a jazz enthusiast, who had his own record label.

To bid on the book make a donation ending in 2 (e.g. $52, $102 etc).

The book will be sent to the highest bidder to reach us by midnight PT Dec 31. The person who comes in with the next highest bid will get a copy of the book “Fluoridation the Great Dilemma,” by Waldbott, Burgstaher and Mckinney (1978). This book is signed by the late co-author H. Lewis McKinney, and was also given to us for this purpose by Spedding Micklem.

Second Water Filter Offer

Meanwhile, the indefatigable Jack Crowther from Rutland, Vermont is offering a second Aqua Tru water filter, but this time in away that everyone has a chance to win. All donors up to New Year’s Eve midnight– i.e. that is of any amount  – will be entered in this draw, and the winner picked at random on New Year’s day. If you wish to be included in this extra fun pleas indicate by ending your donation in 3.

Jack has sent us a picture of this filter and a further description.

Jack writes:

“I have used one of these filters for several years here in Rutland, which fluoridates its water supply. I have been happy with the unit’s performance and the taste of the water. The AquaTru has four filters contained in three cylinders that are changed periodically. The filters are said to remove 83 contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates and more. A gallon of tap water produces 3 quarts of filtered water in about 10 minutes, with a quart of backwash water discarded at the end of the process. The filtered-water tank can be put in the refrigerator to chill it. You can find more details of the product at aquatruwater.com. “

I should add that Jack has been one of FAN’s most generous and active supporters for several years. He has run an outstanding campaign to end fluoridation in Rutland and at last the local councilors appear to be listening to him. I should also add that Jack bought this filter out of his own pocket (albeit at a reduced price from the manufacturer). Thank you Jack for all the amazing things you are doing to help end this dreadful practice both locally and globally..

Thank you,

Paul Connett
Executive Director

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