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Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 3, 2018

Our current fundraising totals are $59,599 from 57 donors. Thanks to our loyal supporters, we have started December off very well. But we need to keep this momentum up to reach our target of $250,000 from 1,250 donors by midnight Dec 31 to ensure we have the operating budget necessary to maintain our current progress in the fight to end fluoridation.

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:

  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:

    Fluoride Action Network
    c/o Connett
    104 Walnut Street
    Binghamton NY 13905

*Please note that some corporations match tax deductible donations made by their employees to some non-profits. We qualify for this. This is the information to provide your corporation finance people: FAN is a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc, registered in Tennessee.

Fans of FAN: What You Think of Our Work

We love hearing from our supporters.  One easy tool we use to do so is the review and recommendation section of our Facebook page.  About 100 of you have left reviews, with nearly giving us the maximum 5-stars.  Instead of hearing from the FAN team today, we wanted to share why people from around the world believe we are a 5-star nonprofit organization.

“A great resource for the people opposing community water fluoridation.”  -James Kenyon Brownell 

“The Fluoride Action Network has been working tirelessly for years on a very tight budget. Despite the lack of funds, the leadership has made up for it by researching, informing, and recruiting concerned parents and citizens. They have stood up to special interest groups that either have no concern for our health or are clueless about what fluoride actually does to the brain. Thank you to Paul, his family and the other leaders that have made such a significant difference in people’s health on a global level!”  Jennifer Hylbert Hontucan 

“The knowledge they share. The actions they take. The help they want to share with others.”  -Pauline Vega-Flores

“Thank you for your most accurate and scientific reporting, you are a great resource of information for a holistic medical doctor and the general public. Your work is crucial for a healthy and smart population.”  -Katya Meier  

“Fluoride Action Network is a positive movement joining forces to end fluoridation in our water and foods, to protect our nation, our environment, from the fumigant’s harmful affects, to reclaim good health victory for our families. Thank you F.A.N.”  –Francine Kelly

“The science is there. People need to know the impact on brains and IQs. And that’s the role of the Fluoride Action Network.”  -Marjorie Roswell 

“Fluoride action network is at the forefront of knowledge about the deadly neurotoxin fluoride, and they are powerful advocates for the victims of national Fluoridation schemes. I cannot thank Dr. Paul Connett, his son, and the rest of fluoride action network enough. Thank you all for your diligent efforts and sacrifices. You all are an example of what we should all be doing in this in these twisted, dangerous times.”  -Lisa Thomas 

“Kudos to the Fluoride Action Network in their second victory in their lawsuit against the EPA to end fluoridation. Thank you all SO very much for all that you are doing to end fluoridation of our water, which will help so many people. You are greatly appreciated and I send you love, light, and prayers for continued success!”  -Kari Havir 

“Amazing research- best archive in the world. We, in Ireland, have enforced water fluoridation since the 60’s. People were told it was good for their teeth and at a time of no internet, the information was not there. We always refer people to this site for information.”  -Aisling FitzGibbon

“What an incredible organization committed to improving our health and well being. I invite more people to take action and help create change!”  -Ravyn Pearce 

“The most complete & comprehensive collection of modern science regarding the effects of fluoride on human health. Thank you FAN for your tireless efforts to end the needless poisoning of society!”  -Rod Gowrie

“What a wonderful organization! Great men and women fighting a huge battle because they care about others!  -Jennifer Lynne Borel-Mainer 

“Vital work being done here to end this heinous and misguided practice. Thank you Fluoride Action Network!”  -Kyle Hence

To read more reviews, or to leave your own 5-star review on our Facebook page, click here.


Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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