Thank you to everyone who has donated to FAN’s budget for 2016.

We encourage those who haven’t contributed to consider a donation, however small. We truly need each other to end fluoridation.

The donations we received enabled us to reach $108,637 from 449 donors (8am Dec 30). This means we are just 51 donors away from a pledge of $2,000 and $1,363 away from another pledge for $10,000. So today – with your help – we could see a large leap in our total (see donation, premium and competition details below). The whole FAN team is keeping our collective fingers crossed!

The good news is that Michael is taking over as FAN director and he will bring with him legal expertise, a deep knowledge of the scientific literature on fluoride that few anywhere can match and a desire to collaborate with creative individuals to spread the message to end fluoridation.

A New PSA on Dental Fluorosis

FAN is releasing a new Public Service Announcement today on Dental Fluorosis and we hope you will share it on your social media. This is the third PSA that FAN has released this week. Here are the links:

Dental Fluorosis
Introduction to Fluoridation
The Neurotoxin in Our Water

FAN’s goal is to protect our children from a lifetime of exposure to a neurotoxic and endocrine disrupting chemical (literally from womb to grave) with every glass of water they drink, every meal they eat and every bath and shower they take.

We need your help to craft cost-effective communication methods that can get this message to them. Most people do not know that fluoride is neurotoxic or an endocrine disruptor because the media is not informing them, but that situation may be beginning to change. Please note the story that appeared in the UK newspaper The Guardian on Christmas Day, and a version in the UK Daily Mail.

Please consider making a donation:

We only need to raise another $1,363 to trigger a pledge of $10,000. So we are certainly in striking distance of $120,000 and then who knows? Those who are looking for tax deductions could help us greatly at this point.

Meanwhile, we need another 51 donors to reach at total of 500 donors, which will trigger another pledge of $2,000.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network, a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, you can either:

  • Donate online using our secure server.  If you should experience difficulty in donating at our secure server, please call Network For Good at 1-888-284-7978 and press option 3 to make your donation over the phone.
  • Or by check – please make checks payable to Fluoride Action Network and send to: FAN, c/o Connett, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton NY 13905

See the many GIFTS available for your donation!

Paul Connett, PhD
Coordinator of FAN’s 2015 Fundraising campaign

Competition: Guess Our Final $ Total

You have until midnight tonight (Dec 30) to enter our “Guess our final $ total” competition. It is easy to enter. Just make a donation of $20 or more and send us your guess of the total for donations and # donors we will reach by midnight EST Dec 31 (email: ).

The winner will be the person who gets closest to this total dollar amount (in the event of a tie the one closer to the total number of donors wins).

Here are the prizes for the winner:

1) A presentation by Michael or Paul Connett in your community (FAN will pay airfare anywhere in North America and half anywhere else).

2) 10 copies of the prize-winning videotape FluorideGate, donated by Dr. David Kennedy.

3) 1 deck of playing cards donated by FAN’s Science Director Chris Neurath. These cards have on their playing surface 52 reasons for ending fluoridation, with two jokers who disagree (the ADA and the CDC).

4) A copy of The Case Against Fluoride signed by co-author donated by Paul Connett, Senior Advisor to FAN.

5) 10 bumper stickers (Fluoride: Not in My Water) donated by Ellen Connett, Managing Director of FAN.

6 ) A nicely packaged copy of the 28 minute video Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation from FAN Director Michael Connett.

7 ) Our FAN poster signed by the Connett family.

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