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Help FAN Make History; New video posted

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 30, 2016

Our current totals stand at $131,854 from 562 supporters, which means we need 38 more donations – or supporters to reach the 600 donor milestone that will trigger a $5000 donation from a very generous supporter, and 138 more to reach 700 donors, which will trigger another $5000.    

The Fluoride Action Network has laid the groundwork for a momentous achievement.  On February 20 we will learn if the EPA is able to find scientific studies to rebut the formidable case that Michael Connett has assembled to demonstrate that fluoride is neurotoxic. He has done this in the Citizens’ Petition filed under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that was presented on November 22.

Because of the efforts of FAN, science is poised to overtake politics after over 70 years of the unscientific and unethical practice of water fluoridation.

The EPA can either accept that petition (i.e. end fluoridation) or reject it – in which case we have the option to go to Federal Court and argue on the merits of the case. We are fully prepared to do just that and are assembling a fabulous scientific and legal team to do so.

But this a larger team effort and we want you to feel a part of that larger team and part of this moment in history. There are several ways of being part of that team.

First, read as much of the EPA petition as you can. As you do this you will quickly learn more about the dangers that fluoride poses to the brain than most dentists, doctors and government health officials.

Second, watch the new videotape where Michael explains more about the specific studies in a language most laymen will understand.


For $21 donation you can order your own copy on a flash drive or DVD (please order from Ellen ellen@fluoridealert.org if you want multiple copies). We will be sending these  Flash drives or DVDs out as soon as they have been copied.

This video should be the ideal tool to help educate dentists, doctors, scientists, decision-makers, the media, and your friends on the scientific evidence that fluoride can damage the brain and has the potential to lower IQ in children.

Michael makes the message very clear. Science and Common sense say we should end fluoridation NOW.

The third thing to do – if you haven’t done so already – is to make a donation to FAN to support this effort in 2017.  In addition, send us a list of names of your family members who support you in this effort – so that we can increase our numbers of supporters for when we approach foundations for their support.

So the next two days are going to be very important to us and we hope to you and your families. So get prepared for our final victory in 2017 and let’s have some FUN doing it!

You can keep track of our success – or failure -by checking our webpage – where we will be updating the totals. See the masthead number #1 at www.fluoridealert.org

Our goals by midnight PT December 31 are $150,000 from 1000 donors. Any donation – large or small – will help us get to both goals.

Today, another very generous supporter has offered to double the next $500 donated.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network, a project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project. To do so you can either:

  • Donate online using our secure server.  If you should experience difficulty in donating at our secure server, please call Network For Good at 1-888-284-7978 and press option 3 to make your donation over the phone.
  • Or by check – please make checks payable to Fluoride Action Network and send to: FAN, c/o Connett, 104 Walnut Street, Binghamton NY 13905

Paul Connett, PhD
Member of FAN 2016 Fundraising Team

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