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Ellen’s Opus: The Toxic Release Inventory for Fluoride

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 31, 2016

We have spent much of the last month celebrating Michael’s grand opus: an analysis of over 300 studies that indicate that fluoride is neurotoxic. This celebration climaxed yesterday with the release of the video in which he explains in layman’s terms several of the studies which give further credibility to the notion that fluoride lowers IQ . Citizens armed with these two items (petition and DVD) will be able to argue successfully with any dentist or official pushing fluoridation.  As Michael says,

“There is no question that fluoride is neurotoxic and has the potential to lower IQ, the only question is at what dose this occurs, and how that dose varies based upon individual susceptibility.”

Ellen has just completed a year-long project that summarizes the Toxic Release Inventory for various fluoride compounds by state, year, and industry.  This will have a value on several fronts, one being that if you find that your town is already a hot spot for industrial emissions of fluoride it gives added reason not to increase citizens’ body burden by adding fluoridating chemicals to their drinking water. Before we get to Ellen’s piece below on Industry’s Fluoride Emissions here’s the latest on our fundraiser.

Fundraiser Update

Yesterday was one of our best days of the whole month. There was a period when I could hardly keep up with the donations coming in. One of the big moments was when we received our 600th donation which triggered in a extra pledge of $5,000. Our current totals stand at $139,732 from 645 supporters.

This means that we need just another 55 donations to trigger an additional $5,000 which will bring us very, very close to our goal of $150,000 by midnight (PT) Dec 31. We are very excited by that possibility because we have never reached that total before. You can share the excitement by following our totals, which we will be posting hourly in our latest news section on our homepage (unfortunately doing this via the masthead has been slow because of the artwork involved).

Getting to our second goal of 1000 supporters is going to be a lot more difficult but not impossible if those who make the donation include the names of other supportive family members.

For example, if you sign this way, we can add three supporters to our total instead of one donor: Donation Information: Donor Name: Alan, Joan and Angela Smith

Or send an email to pconnett@gmail.com listing the names of the supporters you wish to have listed with your donation. Feel free to do this retroactively if you have already given.

Our 600th donor was Gale from Vermont. When I asked why she wants fluoridation ended she said. “We get so much fluoride already from toothpaste, mouth wash and from pesticides on our food. We shouldn’t be getting any more from our water supply, where you can’t control the dose that individuals receive. Some people like athletes are told to drink a lot of water and that’s not right when it contains fluoride along with the other junk.”

Gale wins a copy of The Case Against Fluoride, as will the 700th donor, if we reach that total today.

Regardless of what final totals we reach this has been a wonderful fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who has donated and shared your feelings and stories with us. A special thank you to our super-angels who always put the fun into fundraising. Its been great meeting old friends again. We have been inspired, moved and remain grateful for everything you do to help end fluoridation. If science and integrity means anything in today’s world (and sadly many have lost hope that they do) with your help we have our best chance ever of ending fluoridation in 2017.

Meanwhile, a very happy and successful new year to you all. Raise your glasses of fluoride-free water. Let’s hope that soon we can get it from our taps!

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To do so you can either:

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From Ellen: Industry’s Fluoride Emissions

An often forgotten source of exposure to fluoride comes from the millions of pounds of fluoride that are legally released each year across America from industry. And it is the fate of these industrial releases that we need to be concerned about as these releases pollute our bodies, air, water, soil, and wildlife.

The Toxic Release Inventory (commonly known as TRI) is managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and allows one to find information on specific industrial releases by city, zip code, county, state, and year. (See the Overview for the criteria used by TRI.) Canada has something similar (National Pollutant Release Inventory) and FAN will do a breakdown of the Canadian fluoride releases in the future as it’s relevant for the border areas of both countries.

I have tried to include the wealth of data that the TRI contains on the fluoride compounds they list with the following (available in FAN’s Research section):

By Year: Fluoride Releases, 1995-2015
By Industrial Sector: Hydrogen Fluoride Releases, 1995-2015
By State: Fluoride Releases, 1995-2015
Hydrogen Fluoride: Top Polluters, 1995-2015
Fluorine: Releases by Industry, 1995-2015
Sulfuryl Fluoride: Releases, 1995-2015
Fluorinated Ozone-Depleting Gases Tracked by TRI
Pesticides & Other Fluoride Compounds Tracked by TRI
Fluorides Not Tracked by TRI

For those who live near, or downwind, fluoride-emitting industries: a source of exposure for young children is their tendency to put non-food objects into their mouth. Education in areas surrounding these industries should include the message that children’s toys should not be left outside and that those with vegetable gardens, fruit trees or berry bushes, should wash all produce before eating.

It’s important to know that not all industries or sources that release fluoride into the environment are included in the TRI. Those working for healthy communities need to find out, and share, the industrial releases that may be impacting their communities. One can ascertain industrial toxic releases not listed on TRI by searching your state’s databases for air or other discharge permits granted in your area.

Paul Connett, PhD
Member of FAN 2016 Fundraising Team

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