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Very Exciting News On The Lawsuit As Our Fundraiser Draws To A Close

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 31, 2019 - Two bulletins today

As we were putting this bulletin to bed last night we heard the exciting news that the judge has dismissed the EPA’s’ motion for summary judgement (MSJ) in the TSCA lawsuit. This means that our case will go forward and will be heard in April of next year (it is scheduled to start April 20 and run for two weeks). This is the first time in its 43-year history that citizens have been able to successfully bring a suit to court under provisions in TSCA. This is a huge moment for us and the environmental movement as a whole. Finally the EPA is going to be held accountable for its decades of neglect with respect to protecting citizens from the deliberate addition of a known toxic (neurotoxic) substance to the public drinking water. Finally, we will get our day in court with experts from both sides presenting under oath.

Michael is working on a videotaped statement which we will circulate in a second bulletin today. We need the extra time because our video editor and producer is in Nashville, TN today.

Meanwhile, we have a nice note to share, an update on our fundraising saga and a link to another statement from a person whose plight the health authorities continue to  ignore – someone who is highly sensitive to fluoride.

Just a quick note to thank you and everyone at FAN for your dedication and tireless efforts over many years to end fluoridation.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything you’ve done including the incredible website, updates, bulletins, videos, interviews, study tracker, health effects database, fluoride news from around the world, your travel to many communities, the presentations, and so much more.  Absolutely incredible!! 

All of this has made it possible for many to understand the issues, reduce their family’s exposure to fluoride from many sources and take action on a community level to end water fluoridation.

Much appreciation and thanks also for your tremendous work on the lawsuit against the EPA.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


Thank You

From all of us at FAN, a huge thank you to all of our supporters who have given so generously towards our operating costs for 2020, some more than once! Even though it looks as if we have fallen far short of our goal we know that many of you went to great lengths to rustle up donations from family members and friends and we are very, very grateful.

The FAN Fundraising Saga

With less than 24 hours left to reach our reduced goals of  $150,000 from  1000 donors, our total now stands at  $122,993 from 888 supporters.

Thanks to a 5k pledge from yesterday, the next $539 will be doubled. We will also receive a pledge of $2220 from our milestone team at 900 donors ( that is just 12 donations away) and another $2220 if and when we pass  1000 donations.  Can you help us do that?

To boost our numbers, don’t forget to add family members in the name line on the online form – e.g. John, Joan and Robert Smith. If you are sending in your donation by mail please email us with the amount and number of names so that we can keep up with the numbers right up to midnight Pacific Time.

Meanwhile we wish all our supporters a very happy and successful new year. May we all celebrate a victory in our lawsuit and an end to this miserable practice. 

For those who don’t have a party to go to tonight but will be seeing the new year in we have provided a link to all the videos that we have used in our fundraising bulletins, so you will have plenty to watch while the clock ticks to midnight.

Thank you all

Paul Connett and the whole FAN Team.

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Fluoride and Migraines: A Personal Story From Julie Simms

Ignored and Forgotten No Longer!

This month we have already shared the personal testimonies of several individuals who experienced adverse reactions to fluoride in water, including Dr. Amanda Sleeper, Audrey Adams, and Maria Castro.  We continue with a new video featuring Julie Simms telling an engaging story of how she alleviated her migraine headaches by limiting her exposure to fluoride and fluoridated water. Julie is one of many fluoride sensitive people that have seen relief once fluoride is removed from their diet, and we plan to continue sharing their stories with our supporters, the public, the media, and elected officials.

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