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Statements from Professionals Opposed to Fluoridation – Part One

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 5, 2018

To date approximately 200 professionals have signed the New Professionals’ Statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide. Many of these provided short personal statements as to why they oppose fluoridation. Below, we print 18 of these statements. In future bulletins we will provide more.

In addition, we are very happy to share this videotaped testimonial from Mike Ewall, JD, the highly respected director of the Energy Justice Network. Paul and Ellen have worked with Mike for over 30 years fighting both incineration and fluoridation. For many years Mike has successfully kept mandatory fluoridation out of the state of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, here is an update on our fundraiser. Yesterday, in the mail we received two very large donations, totaling $6,000. As result our totals leapt forward to the following totals: $66,549 from 74 supporters.

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Statements From Professionals Opposed to Fluoridation

Dr. Robert C Dickson, MD, CCFP, FCFP, BPE

Artificial water fluoridation is unethical, unsafe, ineffective and not necessary for any body function. It is outdated, harmful and regressive. There are so many better ways to improve the oral and overall health of infants, young children, the disadvantaged, the chronically ill, the elderly and people of color.

Robban Sica, MD

Among the many health-damaging effects of Fluoride, is its  harmful effect on the thyroid. It is no surprise Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism is at epidemic levels, which dramatically impacts a person’s quality of life and ability to function effectively.

Neil Carman, Ph.D.

Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals added to the water and is an industrial hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry and other industrial sectors.

Philip Robertson, ND

In clinical practice, in fluoridated Geelong,  Australia, it is most unusual not to see patients with fluoride toxicity symptoms every week.

Dorothy Lambert, Ph.D.

I oppose fluoridation in the water as it is bad for people’s thyroid and also has other medical issues.

David Banks, DDS

Fluoridation is mass medication with a known neurotoxin.

Miriam Westerman

I have fought against water fluoridation in Israel and beyond since 2002. It has been clear for many, many years that in the handful of fluoridated countries that fluoride is a “protected pollutant.”  I signed the original 2007 Professional’s Statement. At the time I worked in the Medical Laboratory for diagnostic tests and research, Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. I have since retired but I continue to fight for sanity in the battle against this outdated and risky practice.

Gerald Steel, MS, PE, Esq.

Fluoridated water is an illegal unsafe drug that is harming people who ingest it.

Mageswari Sangaralingam, MEM

Malaysia is still adding fluoride to its public drinking water system. The fluoride level recommended by the Ministry of Health Malaysia is 0.5 – 0.9 mg/L.  Some states in Malaysia had stopped artificial fluoridation of drinking water in the wake of higher cases of dental fluorosis amongst the population.  We want an end to fluoridation of our drinking water considering its neurotoxicity and other health impacts.

Daniel Eyink, MD

Fluoridation is medical treatment of the population without considering the individual’s health needs nor their rights of choice. I strongly object to its use.

RS Carlson DDS

Community Water Fluoridation is forced medication–See Recent Decision Of New Zealand Supreme Court…It is an obsolete approach as a solution to dental caries which is a nutritional issue as many health issues are.

J Collins Meek, Ph.D.

As a neurological learning specialist, I have known for many years that fluoridated drinking water reduces learning capabilities in children, some much worse than others. It is highly inappropriate for authorities to dose the drinking water with material that is toxic for most, if not all, children.

Herminio Delgado, PG (Professional Geologist), CEG (Certified Engineering Geologist)

Fluoride is harmful and people should have the option of choosing whether they are exposed to this toxin.

William Potter, PhD Biochemistry

Potential neuro-developmental toxin. Inappropriate use of water system to deliver topical drug.

Arjun Khandare, Ph.D.

Fluoride is a slow poison, causes dental, skeletal and non-skeletal fluorosis. It affects almost all the organs in the body. Most serious is its damage to the brain. There is strong evidence that it lowers IQ in children.

James Reeves, Ph.D.

Even if fluoride helped children’s’ teeth (unlikely), ADULTS should not be forced to consume it in every glass of water, every day of life, thus being exposed to many serious health issues.

Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH

I write books about oral/systemic medicine and it is unbelievable to me that we still think fluoridation is a great idea due to all the unforeseen consequences of adding fluoride as a “medication” to water. Even a popular biology lecturer came to Austin and lectured hygienists here of her turn around on the issue after she nearly died from hypothyroidism and took a closer look.

John Mueller, BSc (Geoph. Engr.) P.E. (Civil, Control Systems)

As Senior Engineer in Water and Sewer Dept of municipal public works utility, I first began studying fluoridation when tasked with preparing the technical specifications for fluorosilicic acid (FSA) for the utility’s purchasing contract for fluoridation chemicals. I then learned that arsenic invariably occurs as a contaminant in measured concentrations in virtually all tanker truck shipments of FSA to the municipality’s two drinking water treatment plants. The two plants serve about a half-million people, and began fluoridation in 1953. Deliberately adding a chemical contaminated with arsenic, which has an EPA assigned Maximum Contaminant Level Goal of zero, is a violation of the spirit and intent of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Indeed, it makes a mockery of the SDWA on the basis that the added arsenic, a known carcinogen, is diluted to a concentration below the enforceable Maximum Contaminant Level, thereby passing regulatory compliance requirements. Meanwhile, in our city, Dental fluorosis, seen as patchy paper-white patchy enamel defects on front teeth, is commonplace among young and old alike in lifetime residents.

Thank you,

Paul Connett, Ph.D.
Fluoride Action Network

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