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Why We Fight Fluoridation

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | December 6, 2017

**Annual Teleconference: Please join members of the Fluoride Action Network team this Saturday, December 9, at 5pm (eastern time) for a year-in-review of the fluoride issue, a fluoride Q&A session for supporters, and an opportunity to interact with the amazing people that make up this movement.


Last year, we asked this question of our FAN network of staff, volunteers, and supporters: 

“Would you all be kind enough to write a short piece on why you spend so many hours on this issue (fighting fluoridation) and in some cases so much of your own money – what is the reward for so much hard work? And why do you do this when you often become a lightning rod for abuse by the media, pro-fluoridation zealots and government spokespersons. Just what is it that keeps you going? I think singly and in total your answers will make splendid reading and a wonderful bulletin(s) for us.”

Below are some of the powerful statements from the FAN management team. But first a quick update on our annual fundraiser.

Fundraising Update

Our current totals for the 2017 FAN Fundraiser are $23,438 from 79 donors.

You can watch these numbers grow over the next few days via our webpage (www.FluorideACTION.net) -see the first revolving masthead. It is urgent that these totals continue to grow because our ambitious goals by midnight Dec 31 are $200,000 from 1000 donors.

Our mini-goal is $120,000 by midnight Christmas Eve. This a tough challenge but we are determined to have a lot of fun doing it.

See all of the exciting gifts we have available (with photos) here.


How to Donate:

You can make a donation at our secure online server, or by check, payable to Fluoride Action Network, and mail to:

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Why We Do It

FAN Director, Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH.  

Short version: “Brains are more important than teeth…and I’m a dentist.”

Longer version:  “Fluoridation is the worst of both of my professions. 

For about 25 years as a dentist I promoted water fluoridation.  When I read the research for myself, the evidence was like a knee in the gut.  Not only is the research low quality, but numerous vital scientific questions have not been answered.   Fluoridation is based on assumptions, not science.  My Public Health profession is a pack of sheep, faith-based rather than science-based.  Faith, trust and unquestioned loyalty are drilled into us in school.   The Public Health profession are like soldiers without a leader and refusing to question policy.  

Fluoride pushers assume we all drink about the same amount of water.  They assume we don’t get much fluoride from other sources.  They assume no one is chemically sensitive and everyone’s kidneys are working just fine.  They assume any combination of chemicals will not increase fluoride’s risk.  They assume we all would give our consent, if we would just trust them.  They assume fluoride goes in the mouth with a direct pipeline to the teeth bypassing all other tissues.   They don’t even know how much fluoride in the tooth is advantageous.  

Excess fluoride exposure causes over a trillion dollars a year damage to our health.  I do not know of any public health action which would provide greater health improvement and save more money than simply turning off the fluoride pumps.   Ethics, science and economics say “turn the fluoride pumps off.”  

As a team, we can stop fluoridation, we must, and we will.”  

FAN’s Campaign Director, Stuart Cooper:

“I joined the Fluoride Action Network initially because I felt strongly that the practice of artificial water fluoridation set a dangerous public health precedent that threatened personal freedom and choice by using the public water supply to distribute a drug, without consent or concern for vulnerable subpopulations.  As I learned more about the practice, I noticed how many of my friends and acquaintances had dental fluorosis, and I felt they deserved the truth, as well as some sort of vindication and justice.  Then, not long after I started working for FAN I became a father, and the desire to protect the two most important people in my life and their generation of peers from this seemingly ever-present neurotoxin and its harmful side-effects became abundantly important.  It’s our water, our health, our children, and ought to be our choice.”

FAN Senior Advisor and former-Director, Paul Connett, PhD (which comes after 23 years of campaigning on this issue):

“I ask these questions to myself nearly every day. A simple answer is YOU. I do it because of the wonderful people I work with: my son, our staff (Ellen, Jay Sanders and Stuart Cooper), and our wonderful volunteers, starting with Dr. Bill Osmunson our pro bono director, Dr. Bill Hirzy our pro bono Washington representative, Carol Kopf our pro bono media officer and Chris Neurath our pro bono and meticulous research director. I do it also for all the people like you who work so hard on this because of your children and grandchildren who you rightly believe should not have their futures limited by this foolish practice. I do it most because I think scientific integrity is being threatened in many ways and this policy is a classic example of where a wedge has been driven between honest science and public policy by arrogant people whose over-confidence outstrips their willingness to read the literature with an open mind.”

FAN’s Outreach and Education Director, Jay Sanders:

“One of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my life centers on my advocacy of clean water. It’s quite empowering to connect with like-minded activists that are striving to effect meaningful change in local communities. I’m drawn to this issue because I see that ending water fluoridation is an actionable and realizable goal, and I fight for more equitable water policies because I believe that every individual and every community should be given the chance to thrive on its own terms.”

Merilyn Haines, Director, FAN-Australia:

“Perversely, part of it is the vilification, demonization, intimidation and bullying – the attacking the messenger, not the message, playing the man (or woman) not the ball, is one the reasons that keep me going. It confirms all the time – that bullying is really all they have. If they had the science they would use that to defend fluoridation – but they haven’t, so they have to descend to tactics of ad hominin attacks. Also, the corruption at high places – a very good example being Australia’s NHMRC recent report where 10 (yes 10 fluoridation lobbyists / supporters) were on the committee that “guided” it’s most recent review. A review that had glaring omissions and errors – such as claiming the NZ IQ study led by NZ dentist fluoridation lobbyist Jonathon Broadbent was very high quality, when in reality this study had holes big enough to drive a truck through. When you see this, you know that their whole case is extremely poor and it will eventually fall.

On the flip side, the integrity, intelligence and steadfastness of wonderful people like the Connett family and so many others like Hardy Limeback, Chris Neurath, Mary Byrne and so many more. These people truly inspire me and keep me going. There have been some very low times fighting forced fluoridation, but I have also met, made friends with and had the privilege of working with some truly incredible people along the way. It is worth it and we can all hold our heads high.”  

Thank You,

FAN Fundraising Team
Fluoride Action Network

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