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Erin Brockovitch Publicly Opposes Fluoridation

FAN Bulletin |February 9, 2015

Dear Supporter:

Good news! Well-known consumer advocate and legal consultant Erin Brockovitch posted the following message on her Facebook account this past week expressing her opposition to fluoridation:

“Hey… Flint, Michigan. I have been conducting my initial review of your water treatment records. Clearly, we all know this mess you are in is economically driven and not a true water quality crisis.

So, if its economics, why are you spending as much as $3.00 per person (person not connection) adding Fluoride to the drinking water? Last time I checked Water Treatment professionals weren’t pharmacists… so what’s up? This is an expense you don’t want or need… adding any drug to Drinking Water is a problem… Please spend your resources on cleaning up the Drinking Water and stop pumping out drugs.

More to follow.”

Please show Ms. Brockovich that you support her opposition to fluoridation by liking, sharing, and commenting on her post.  Let’s help her comments go viral on the internet!

More Mandate Legislation

Last week we told you about new legislation in both Connecticut and Minnesota that could end the existing statewide fluoridation mandates in both states, giving municipalities control over fluoride levels in their drinking water.  This week we learned that there are bills in two more states dealing with fluoridation mandates.

In Georgia, HB129 has been introduced and co-sponsored by five representatives.  The legislation would eliminate the requirement for petitioning 10% of voters and a mandatory referendum vote to opt-out of the statewide mandate, and instead gives local governing bodies (county commissioners, select boards, city councils, etc.) the ability to end fluoridation by passing a simple motion or resolution.  Just last week the Fayette County Commission passed a resolution supporting this legislation, and the bill has already moved on to second reading, so support is needed ASAP.  If you live in Georgia and would like to get involved in this campaign you can contact local organizers End Fluoridation Georgia (email: endfluoridationgeorgia@gmail.com).

Meanwhile in Hawaii, legislation has been introduced to create a fluoridation mandate for all communities with 1,000 or more public water connections.  Similar legislation has been introduced on an annual basis for years but fortunately has never gotten as far as having a public hearing or vote.  In fact, in 2003 Honolulu–the state capitol and largest city–passed ordinance 66 prohibiting the use of the public water supply as a “means for delivery of chemicals for medical or dental purposes.”  If you live in Hawaii and would like to organize or join the campaign to keep the drinking water fluoride-free, please email FAN’s Campaign Director (stuart@fluoridealert.org).

Campaign Tactics to Consider

If you live in a community that is currently not fluoridated, then please consider starting a campaign to pass a resolution like Honolulu’s Ordinance 66.  Successful passage of a resolution prohibiting the use of the water supply to deliver medical treatments should act as a safety net protecting your community from the pro-fluoridation lobby when they eventually descend upon your city or town.

If you live in a state that mandates fluoridation the ultimate goal is obviously to end the mandate and prohibit fluoridation.  However, while you campaign to end the mandate at the state capital, consider also implementing one of these strategies at the local level to increase awareness and reduce fluoride’s impact on the community.

  • Urge your council to pass a resolution asking state health department officials to certify that any additives to the city’s water supply, including fluoride, are safe and lead-free.  Councilors in Eureka Springs, Arkansas passed such a resolution that included a letter signed by councilors stating:

“We ask that the proof be in the form of a letter, both from the supplier and the Carroll-Boone Water Board, showing a complete, independent analysis from reputable laboratories both here and in the country of origin, of the compound, containing all the trace ingredients, a guarantee that the compound is safe for use internally and externally, if added to the water supply, and a guarantee that they will be liable if the compound is proven to be damaging to the health of the individual consumer. We believe that, if this should not come to pass, we have the legal right to ask for an alternative to this water.”

The goal is to be creative, to use every resource and tactic available to you, and to end fluoridation by any legal means possible.

February’s Teleconference

This month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference will be this Saturday, February 14th at 5PM (Eastern US).

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Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Manager
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