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Michael’s Update on the #FluorideLawsuit

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | May 21, 2019

[Watch 3 miniute update on the TSCA law suit with Michael Connett]

We are now entering the final phase before our historic trial begins. The judge originally scheduled the trial for the beginning of August 2019, but due to the recent government shutdown, the federal court was also closed and the trial has been moved back several months to late 2019 or early 2020.  In the meantime, our legal team will continue conducting the discovery phase, interviewing EPA officials and collecting internal documents.

The stakes are high, as this legal challenge could be our best chance to end fluoridation in the United States, leading to a domino-effect around the world.  It’s time the U.S. joined 97% of Europe and the vast majority of the world in rejecting artificial water fluoridation.

We’ve already had several significant rulings in our favor by the Judge, and the most recent came last month, in April, when the Court compelled EPA to both produce further documents, and produce three more of its scientists for deposition. (see the Judge’s full ruling)  While this ruling gave us access to more EPA interviews and documents, it also increased our expenses.

FAN urgently needs your help to ensure we can provide the funding necessary for the foremost scientific experts in the world to present the best case at trial. The primary expense at this point is the experts, who will need to spend considerable time preparing reports, preparing for their depositions, and testifying in court.

To fund these specific legal costs, FAN is currently running a Spring Lawsuit Fundraiser. You can follow FAN’s progress on our fundraiser webpage, as well as on social media by searching for the hashtag: #FluorideLawsuit.

Thanks to a dedicated philanthropist donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000!  So, please consider becoming a supporter of our historic legal action by making a tax-deductible donation today that will be doubled into July.

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:

  • Online on our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:Fluoride Action Network
    c/o Connett
    104 Walnut Street
    Binghamton NY 13905

#FluorideLawsuit Whiteboard Campaign

As part of our lawsuit fundraiser, FAN is launching a whiteboard and hashtag campaign to show widespread support and raise awareness for our legal action.

We are asking supporters of the lawsuit to please take a photo of themselves holding a white piece of paper, poster board, or whiteboard that includes a short statement on why they support the lawsuit, for example:

The EPA isn’t protecting children from overexposure to fluoride  #FluorideLawsuit

Please include the hashtag: #FluorideLawsuit along with your short statement. Here is a short video describing our whiteboard campaign in further detail.  Please email your photo to: stuart@fluoridealert.org

In conjunction with the whiteboard campaign, we’re also running a hashtag campaign using the previously mentioned: #FluorideLawsuit   Please include this hashtag in any Facebook or Twitter posts or comments that include your whiteboard photo or mention of the lawsuit, this way participants and supporters around the world who search for the tag on social media can find all of our posts easily in one place.

To learn more about hashtags, click here.

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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