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Paul Says This is his Best Presentation Captured on Video

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | June 26, 2018

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Earlier this year, the Fluoride Action Network’s (FAN) Director, chemist and Professor Emeritus Paul Connett, PhD, travelled to New Zealand to combat a proposal in the Parliament that could create a de-facto nationwide fluoridation mandate.  The proposal under consideration would strip local governments and residents of the authority to make decisions regarding fluoridation of their drinking water.  Instead, local Boards of Health would be granted the ability to force communities to fluoridate, regardless of resident opposition.

Dr. Connett made presentations before many communities on his trip, with his last being a presentation given in the NZ parliamentary building.  He detailed the potential harmful effects of water fluoridation, including the most recent research and scientific findings.

Now you can watch and share this presentation, entitled Major U.S. Government-Funded Brain Study Should End Fluoridation Worldwide, which includes power-point slides and graphics throughout the video.  This valuable tool was filmed and edited by FAN’s Outreach and Education Director, Jay Sanders, who did an impressive job capturing Paul’s message to decision-makers everywhere:

(Click on graphic to watch video)

According to Paul, “Jay filmed this in a professional studio and with his excellent formatting and editing skills, I think this is one of my best presentations on video. It is right up to date and for someone new to the issue it is very clear and well documented. The first 40 minutes deal with fluoride’s neurotoxicity and after a short intermission the rest deals with the more familiar common sense and ethical arguments against fluoridation.

Please share this video with decision-makers, have it shown on local public TV channels, share it on your social media pages, hold a neighborhood House Party, BBQ, or Coffee Social with a screening of this video.

Stay tuned! Jay will be creating shorter videos using footage from this presentation that we will share in future bulletins and on our social media pages.

Texas Republican Party Adds Banning Fluoridation to Platform

Members of the Texas Republican party met in San Antonio earlier this month to hold their state convention and update their platform.  During the event, the party adopted a new platform “principle” on fluoridation:

245. Fluoride in Water Supply: The Republican Party of Texas
supports banning the fluoridation of the Texas water supply.

Local fluoride-free organizers, led by Regina Imburgia, educated local decision-makers and members of the GOP’s “Platform Committee” prior to the meeting, urging the members to review the latest science and take a stance in opposition to the practice.  According to Regina, the resolution passed with approximately 80% of the votes.

The Texas GOP’s official opposition to fluoridation is another example of the diversity of support for our movement.   From Ralph Nader, the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2000, to Libertarians like Dr. Ron Paul, to Democrats and Republicans at every level of government, and everything in between in countries with multi-party systems.  Opposition to fluoridation is clearly an issued we can all proudly find agreement on.

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