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Fluoride/IQ Study Author Presents Findings – MUST WATCH

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | June 26, 2021

We reached both of our mini-goals yesterday; surpassing both 300 donors and $24,000 by the midnight deadline.  Thank you!  Our current fundraising totals are $25,726 from 304 supporters.  If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation, then watch the video we’re sharing today to see just how important your contribution to an end to fluoridation will be for future generations.

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VIDEO: Fluoride/IQ Study Author Presents Findings

One of the most important videos on fluoride and fluoridation — at least over the past year or so — is an hour-long presentation and Q&A from this past March, hosted by the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network.  The presentation is by Professor Christine Till, PhD on her landmark studies looking at fetal and infant fluoride exposure.  She is an award-winning researcher, adjunct scientist to the Neurosciences and Mental Health Program at SickKids, and associate professor of Psychology at York University.

Dr. Till is lead author of several significant fluoride studies, including the JAMA Pediatrics fluoride neurotoxicity study (Green 2019), the 2020 study, Fluoride exposure from infant formula and child IQ in a Canadian birth cohort, and the 2018 study, Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride Concentrations in a National Sample of Pregnant Women in Canada.

(Click on the graphic to watch)

Please share this video with neighbors and local decision makers.  Even the most skeptical ought to find it informative and difficult to refute.

Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
Fluoride Action Network

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