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Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | July 3, 2019

Far too often we hear about environmental toxins impacting the health of our youth, causing irreparable harm in many cases, but protected by well-financed industries, their lobbyists, their cronies in government, and journalists not doing their job.  A little known provision of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) gives citizens a way to circumvent the corruption and force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prohibit or limit the use of toxic substances.

Since 2000, the Fluoride Action Network has been committed to reducing exposure to fluoride, but with the FAN-funded TSCA lawsuit, we are also laying the foundation for future TSCA challenges by citizens and environmental groups.

Legal experts have said our case will set the precedent for how the courts handle future TSCA cases, and is also likely to inspire an increase in the filing of citizen petitions and lawsuits by environmental, animal welfare and public health watchdog groups to compel the EPA to enact safer regulations.

Watchdog groups no longer have to convince the EPA of unreasonable risk; they can now have an objective judge decide based on an independent review of the evidence. Because of Judge Edward Chen’s ruling to deny the EPA’s motion to dismiss our case, TSCA law will now be interpreted to allow the EPA to be petitioned to regulate single uses of substances, rather all uses, which was the EPA’s position. This change will make it easier for activists to force the EPA to review the risks of specific chemicals used commercially.

In response to our success, some attorneys for industry have publicly called on industry groups to follow and help defend the EPA’s position (or lack of action on regulating toxic chemicals).  They understand the precedents being set and what that means for the future of industries dealing in harmful chemicals.  A contribution to a politician will no longer be enough to protect their profits.

We will continue leading this battle, and will maintain our focus as the trial nears on providing the Court with the best available experts and evidence on the risks of adding industrial fluoride chemicals to the water supplies of over 200 million Americans.

Your support at this critical moment will truly have a ripple-effect, creating long-lasting change for your children, grandchildren, and theirs.  Your donation will go towards ensuring we have the best expert testimony available for the trial.  Together, we can shape the future in a dramatic and positive way.

Fundraising Update

With your help, we have raised $80,978 from 309 donors.  With the current pledge to double donations included, this brings our total to $161,957 on our way to raising $200,000 by July 15th–just two and a half weeks from now.  Thank you to all who have contributed, and remember that all donations are tax-deductible.

How to make a tax-deductible donation to FAN:

  • Online at our secure server.
  • Or by Check, payable to the Fluoride Action Network. Send your check to:

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The current highest bid for Paul Connett’s donated acrylic landscape on a 12×36 canvas is: $500

Please email your bids toEllen@fluoridealert.org

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Thank you,

Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
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