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JAMA Study Author Speaks in New Video Interview

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | September 20, 2019

On Tuesday, Medpage Today held a live Facebook interview with the lead author of the recent U.S. government-funded JAMA Pediatrics Mother-Offspring study. The study linked prenatal exposure to fluoride with lower IQ for the offspring of women living in optimally fluoridated” Canadian cities.  Rivka Green, MA, a doctoral student in clinical developmental neuropsychology at York University in Canada, answered questions, clarified misconceptions, refuted criticisms, and provided an in-depth look at her research during this captivating 45-minute video interview.

Critical statements from the interview included Ms. Green pointing out that the researchers found…

“…there was no safe level” of fluoride exposure during pregnancy.

While the study looked at total fluoride intake from all sources, she revealed that

for pregnant women, “60-80% of their fluoride consumption came from fluoridated water,”

clearly implicating the practice as the primary contributor to the outcome.

Green also put the level of harm into perspective, drawing numerous parallels to lead and stating that 14% of the women in a fluoridated region have a urinary fluoride level of 1mg/liter or higher–the amount that reduced IQ by an average of 4.5 points–equating to tens-of-thousands of Canadians and hundreds-of-thousands of Americans.

When asked about the differences found in boys versus girls when looking at urinary fluoride levels, Green pointed out that greater sensitivity to neurotoxins in males was a common – even expected – result found in neurotoxicity research on both humans and animals, but that the difference in IQ loss disappeared when looking at the mother’s accumulative fluid intake.  She suggested that this result was most likely due to post-natal exposure, primarily from consuming formula reconstituted with fluoridated water.  Such exposure spared no sex from cognitive impairment.

Towards the end of the interview, a pro-fluoridation propagandist asked Green if she would recommend pregnant women to avoid fluoridated water.  Green responded, “we do recommend…the precautionary principle here..to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy,” adding that “While there is no potential benefit to the fetus, there is potential risk.”


We also recommend watching the study’s lead author, Christine Till, PhD, respond to criticisms of the study in an interview on Canadian TV.

Experts Urge Pregnant Women to Avoid Fluoride

According to JAMA’s Altmetric page on the Green et al. 2019 paper, it is now the second most discussed study ever to be published by JAMA Pediatrics, and is in the top 5% of all 13.5-million research articles tracked by Altmetric.  This widespread coverage has made it impossible for the dental-lobby to conceal it from public health world, resulting in a growing number of practitioners publicly warning pregnant women to protect themselves from fluoride exposure, including the physicians/editors of JAMA’s Pediatric journal and entire JAMA network.  Below are some additional examples we’d like to share:


Stuart Cooper
Campaign Director
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