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Physician & Dentist: “Fluoride is Not Only Pointless, It’s A Health Risk.”

Fluoride Action Network | Bulletin | February 4, 2018

New Conference Presentation Video Released

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has released a sixth video from last fall’s Citizens’ Conference on Fluoride, held in Washington, D.C.  The new video features Attorney Michael Connett giving a detailed overview of FAN’s current lawsuit against the EPA to ban water fluoridation under Section 21 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


Since the filming of this video in September of 2017, a federal judge has ruled in our favor, to allow our lawsuit against the EPA to continue to move forward.  This ruling was picked up by a prominent law website, which in turn has been picked up by Reuters.  The next phase will be discovery.  Stay tuned for updates!

Click here to view all six of the 2017 conference presentation videos made available so far.

Physician & Dentist: “Fluoride is Not Only Pointless, It’s A Health Risk”

Two prominent and well-respected Canadian medical professionals have authored a powerful, must-read OpEd piece warning about the dangers of fluoridation and advocating for a safe and effective alternative to the practice, which is making the rounds in Canadian newspapers.

Robert C. Dickson, MD, CCFP, FCFP, a community physician in Calgary, and Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, a retired head of preventative dentistry at the University of Toronto, wrote the piece in response to efforts by the pro-fluoridation lobby to reverse a 2011 vote to end the practice in Calgary, and to refute the inaccurate and misleading claims made by some health officials to support their fluoridation campaign:


Dr. Dickson and Dr. Limeback will be featured on next Saturday’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference.  The call will focus on their OpEd, fluoride’s impact on IQ, the costs of the practice versus the potential benefits, and the ongoing fluoridation debate in Calgary, Alberta and throughout Canada.


Has Fluoridation Damaged Children’s Teeth?

Last week marked the 73rd anniversary of when Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city in the world to force fluoridation chemicals on its residents using the public drinking water supply, and February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  In response, FAN has published and distributed the following press release, which is already being picked up by media sources:

Children are fluoride overdosed, from all sources, at levels once thought to protect against dental fluorosis (discolored teeth), researchers report in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry(December 2017), reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Fluoride intake to prevent dental fluorosis was set in the 1930s and 40s when naturally fluoridated water was the predominant source, reports Bhagavatula et al. “The number of sources of fluoride has increased substantially and so has the prevalence of dental fluorosis,” they write.

Bhagavatula found 30% of 13-year-olds in the ongoing Iowa Fluoride Study had fluorosis including most who consumed fluoride at levels once considered “optimal” to prevent fluoride-discolored teeth. More children are probably afflicted since children with only one fluorosed tooth were excluded.  Four of the 437 children had moderate or severe fluorosis.

Ninety-five percent were non-Hispanic white from higher socio-economic families. Fluorosis rates may be higher in the general population. Also, fluorosis is more prevalent in the black community.

Some children consumed over recommended doses but didn’t have fluorosis, “indicating differences in susceptibility to dental fluorosis,” they report.

Adding fluoride to water–fluoridation–began 73 years ago, promising to substantially reduce tooth decay with perhaps 10% afflicted with very mild dental fluorosis.

“Both promises were broken. Many are ingesting too much fluoride as evidenced by an increase of moderate/severe dental fluorosis from 4% to 23% in one decade.” says Dentist Bill Osmunson, FAN Director.

Senator Bernie Sanders declared a dental health crisis in 2015 even though over 70% of US drinking water systems are fluoridated.

Osmunson says, “One size doesn’t fit all. Dental fluorosis, often dismissed as merely cosmetic, is really the visible evidence of fluoride toxicity. Coupled with new disturbing evidence that fluoride and/or fluorosis are linked to cognitive decline, it’s time to stop artificially fluoridating water supplies. Put fluoride back in doctors’ offices where it can be better controlled.”

Bhagavatula admits most researchers believe fluoride’s primary cavity-preventing mechanism is topical, not by ingestion.

However, fluoride ingestion causes fluorosis.

Osmunson says, “We have to reduce our fluoride exposure.  HHS recommendation to reduce fluoride concentration in water was a good start, but inadequate.”

Bhagavatula writes, “The clinical presentation of dental fluorosis ranges from almost imperceptible white lacy striations in milder forms to brownish discoloration and/or confluent pitting in severe cases.”

Osmunson adds, “Increased dental caries occurs with moderate/severe fluorosis.”



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