People are at the heart of our campaign.

FAN has created a video slideshow series showcasing the wonderful campaigners around the world who have taken action to prevent or end water fluoridation in their local communities.

Hats off to all those pushing back against water fluoridation in their communities past and present; who write letters, who speak with friends, neighbors, doctors, dentists  and representatives, who organize groups, who hold meetings, press conferences, who go to rallies, organize marches, hold placards, design posters, write and sing songs, dress up, make us laugh, who have fun, get their kids involved; who use every ounce of their creativity to fight the biggest uphill battle any government (and there are not many) has forced on its own people. Hats off to all of you: You are the ones who don’t give up; you are the heart and soul of our campaign. You are why we do this. You represent all of our children, our grandchildren, and all our futures. FAN salutes you!