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December 8th, 2013

Table 2.
56 Citations in the  landmark report on toxicology: Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, published in 2006 by the National Resource Council of the National Academies.
Note: The following two Tables list studies that have been published in Fluoride, a journal that PubMed, the largest search engine for biomedical research, refuses to index. PubMed is funded by the American taxpayer through the National Institutes of Health. In Table 3, below, is a list of 19 of the 37 studies correlating exposure to fluoride with the lowering of IQ in children. Most of the links are for the “whole” volume. If that is the case, go to the Table of Contents in the beginning pages of the journal where there are links to the individual reports.
Table 1 on Fluoride’s studies on Skeletal Fluorosis.

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Table 3.
19 of the 37 studies correlating exposure to fluoride and the lowering of IQ in children

Note: Of these 19 studies, 8 were original studies published in Fluoride and 11 were translated (by the Fluoride Action Network) and published in Fluoride with permission of the Chinese journals that originally published them.

Poureslami HR, Horri A, Garrusi B. 2011. A comparative study of the IQ of children age 7-9 in a high and a low fluoride water city in Iran. Fluoride 44(3)163–167.Note: A version of this study was published in the Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene 3(4):61-64. 2011.
Trivedi MH, Sangal NP, Patel RS, Payak S, Vyas SJ.  2012.  Assessment of groundwater quality with special reference to fluoride and its impact on IQ of schoolchildren in six villages of the Mundra Region, Kachchh, Gujurat, India. Fluoride 45(4):377-83. Wang S, et al. 2008 (first published 2005). The effects of endemic fluoride poisoning caused by coal burning on the physical development and intelligence of childrenJournal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics 20(9):897-898 (This is a translated report republished in Fluoride 2008; 41:344-348).
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