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Food & Water Watch: Vote NO on Fluoridation

Food & Water Watch | March 2013

 Food & Water Watch is a Washington, D.C.-based non-governmental organization and consumer rights group which focuses on corporate and government accountability relating to food, water, and fishing. Food and Water Watch employs a four pronged effort focusing on public and policymaker education, lobbying, media, and Internet activism. Food & Water Watch became independent from its parent organization, Public Citizen, in 2005. The following statement was written in March 2013.

Food & Water Watch Warns Against Water Fluoridation: Recommends a NO Vote on 26-151

Food & Water Watch is a non-profit organization that advocates for common sense policies that protect access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water and food. We believe everyone has the right to clean and safe water. We oppose adding fluoridation chemicals to Portland’s drinking water and recommend a “No Vote” on fluoridation to protect the incredible Bull Run, which plays an important role in protecting Portlander’s health.

Our “Take Back the Tap” campaign has helped educate consumers in Oregon and throughout the country about the benefits of drinking local tap water instead of expensive and resource intensive bottled water. One of the reasons a growing numbers of Portlanders are saying no to bottled water is because Portlanders are proud of our water that citizens have fought for decades to protect.

Food & Water Watch is speaking out against the fluoridation of Portland’s drinking water because:

• Fluoridation ignores consent.

We respect every person’s right to decide whether or not they consume fluoride. Since fluoridation chemicals cannot be affordably filtered from drinking water, fluoridation would take away the ability of a large number of Portlanders to drink fluoride-free water and could increase local consumption of bottled water.

• Fluoridation works topically not from being swallowed.

Fluoridation was started in the 1940s around the idea that people had to swallow fluoride for it to work, but we now know that fluoride works topically. It’s time to focus on strategies that more effectively help children and others at risk of cavities.

• There are risks from fluoridation chemicals.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommendation that families consider using bottled water to mix infant formula highlights that fluoridation would add risk and uncertainty to our water.

Join Food & Water Watch in voting “No” on fluoridation.