Grape Grower Advisory For Control of Insects on Grapes

Recent changes in European wine policies, as they pertain to fluoride, have made it more difficult for American wineries to supply the European markets. Restrictions on fluoride residues have been arbitrarily set at less than half those established by the U.S. EPA. This has forced several U.S. wineries to restrict the use of cryolite by their growers because of its fluorine content. This fluoride issue applies only to wine grapes for export to Europe.

The fluoride issue in wines is a European political/trade issue, and cryolite use restrictions by wineries is a sound response to these pressures. However, the fluoride issue has had a major impact on the pest control options available to you, the grape grower. We need to work together to minimize the impact of this issue. Elf Atochem asks for your support in working with the wine industry to minimize fluoride residues in wine, while avoiding the loss of this effective insect management tool.

As one of the leading suppliers of cryolite, sold under our trade name, KRYOCIDE® Insecticide, we ask you do the following:


* If you grow wine grapes and you contract with, or will potentially sell your grapes to, a winery that has specific fluoride use requirements, please comply with the winery’s recommendation. Using KRYOCIDE® Insecticide within winery guidelines that meet European requirements will assure that fluoride residues remain below the 3 ppm O.I.V. limit.


* If you grow wine grapes for contract wineries that do not have any specific use recommendations, use KRYOCIDE® Insecticide at the labeled rates. This will ensure residues will remain below the established EPA tolerance of 7 ppm.


* This fluoride issue applies only to wine grapes for export to Europe. If you grow raisin or table grapes, you can use KRYOCIDE® Insecticide as labeled.

KRYOCIDE® Insecticide has been labeled as an insecticide since 1933. KRYOCIDE® is compatible with an IPM program because it is safer to handle, does not disrupt beneficial insects, and despite over 65 years of use, pests have not shown any resistance to it. KRYOCIDE® has been a critical tool in the effort to manage insect problems in grapes for many years.

If you would like further information, please contact Roy Whitson at (559) 277-5501. You can help keep KRYOCIDE® Insecticide available as an insecticides for controlling worms and beetles on grapes by:

* Communicating to your winery how eliminating KRYOCIDE® from your IPM program makes your pest control less effective and more costly, leads to additional pest problems, and can result in production of lower quality grapes.

Fluoride Issues History:

In 1989, an international trade organization (commonly referred to as the O.I.V.) imposed a tolerance of 1 part per million (ppm) fluoride for wines sold in Europe. Due to the use of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite for insect control on wine grapes grown in California, fluoride residues in wine from California exceeded this 1 ppm level. Therefore, in 1990, the use of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite was reduced by some California wineries on grapes grown for wine.

Due to grape growers’ and wineries’ concerns over the loss of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite, a cooperative effort between Elf Atochem North America, Gowan Company, Gallo Winery, the Wine Institute, and California State University Fresno collected data on the use patterns of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite which could keep fluoride residue levels at or below 3 ppm. The data was presented to the O.I.V and a 3 ppm fluoride tolerance for wines was reestablished.

These studies determined that KRYOCIDE®/cryolite applied at a rate of 8 pounds at full bloom could provide adequate insect control and keep fluoride residues at or below 3 ppm. As a further assurance factor, the U.S. Wine Institute guidelines and many wineries set a use recommendation of 6 pounds applied at pre-bloom.

Over the past few years, some wineries which export to Europe have experienced situations in which the 3 ppm limit was exceeded. Because of this, some wineries have again instituted a prohibition on the use of KRYOCIDE®/cryolite. It is important to note that this prohibition is a business decision based on European O.I.V. policies and NOT EPA actions.

As with any pesticide, always read and follow label instructions and precautions.

KRYOCIDE® Insecticide is a registered trademark of Elf Atochem North America, Inc.