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Lithium-ion Battery Recycling: Index to the Endicott NY campaign, 2020-2021.

INDEX to Archive of NoBurnBroome on their successful opposition to a lithium-ion battery recycling incineration scheme proposed for Endicott, Broome County, NY, between 2020-2021 | By Ellen Connett

Note: The following is an Index to the series on NoBurnBroome’s camapgin to defeat a proposal to use incineration to recycle lithium-ion batteries in Endicott, Broome County, NY. The group was officially launched in April 2020 to oppose the proposal, which it successfully accomplished in February 2021. The Fluoride Action Network was interested in this project because the novel use of incineration to recoup valuable metals would be a new, and non-assessed, exposure route to large amounts of hydrogen fluoride.

Index to the Endicott NY campaign, 2020-2021

Part 1: The proposal in Endicott NY

Part 2: Background on IBM pollution in Endicott NY

Part 3: 10 Arguments Against the SungEel Proposal for Endicott NY

Part 4: Lithium-ion Battery Recycling: Position Paper of No Burn Broome

Part 5: Key Documents for the proposal in Endicott NY

Part 6: Local News Articles from NY state

Part 7: News – National & International

Part 8: Studies/Reports on alternatives to the use of incineration

Part 9: Timeline of NoBurnBroome’s campaign

Part 10: What are PFAS?