Fluoride Action Network

Moms2B: Social Media Campaign

May 11th, 2018

Today, social media is the dominating source of news and information for most citizens, especially younger generations preparing to start families.   It has also become an effective tool used to communicate with media outlets, decision makers, community leaders, and organizations (both corporate and nonprofit).

To this end, we have provided resources below–and will continue to do so as the campaign progresses—to help you spread the word about the risk posed to the fetus by fluoride exposure during pregnancy.

Get Connected

First, please “Like” our Moms2B Facebook page. This is a great way to easily maintain contact with this educational effort, and learn about new resources, research, and progress. This also enables you to periodically share our posts on the subject quickly, making education and outreach even easier.

Please also consider following the main Fluoride Action Network Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on all things related to fluoride and fluoridation.


Here are graphics that you are free to share—unaltered–however you see fit on social media. We will continue to produce graphics and post them on our social media pages and below. We suggest right-clicking on the image you want, saving it to your downloads folder, than uploading it to the post you want to make. Info-graphic posts are made even more effective if you provide a link to more information for the text portion of your post. We suggest the Moms2B overview page: http://fluoridealert.org/issues/moms2b/



Sample Text for Posts

Below are examples of text for your Facebook and Twitter posts to help spread the word. Feel free to use, customize, or draw inspiration from any of these examples. The key is to consider your audience (who you are trying to educate), and what you would like them to do with the information you are sharing.


-Stay tuned!


-Stay tuned!

Examples of Social Media Pages to Target

While the first step is to share this information on your own page and with family and friends planning a pregnancy or expecting a child, you don’t need to stop there.  Below are a list of example groups whose social media pages are fair game for posting our messages.  Targeting these groups and media outlets–and any others you can think of–should illicit a response or additional coverage of our issue.  Visit these pages, and on Facebook post a message, post a reply to their latest post, and send them a private message.  On Twitter, reply to their latest comment and send them a direct message.


-Physicians for Social Responsibility (FB / TW)
-Environmental Working Group (FB / TW)
-National WIC Association (FB / TW)
-American College of Nurse Midwives (FB / TW)
-American Pregnancy Association (FB)
-American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (FB / TW)
-Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FB / TW)

Pregnancy Publications:

-Pregnancy Magazine (FB / TW)
-The Bump (FB / TW)
-Today’s Parent (FB / TW)
-Mothering (FB)
-Pregnancy and Newborn (FB / TW)
-Parents (FB / TW)
-Mother (FB / TW)

Mom Blogs:

-Scary Momma (FB / TW)
-Wellness Momma (FB / TW)
-BabyCenter (FB / TW)
-MamaNatural (FB / TW)

Other pages to consider:

-Local mothering, pregnancy, or health groups on Facebook.
-State and Local elected officials
-Your local water company
-Local WIC offices
-Local daycare centers
-Local Headstart centers

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