URGENT – Feedback by 11:59 Friday 18th June 2021
Mandatory Fluoridation Bill goes to Select Committee

On Thursday the 9th June the Government advised on its Parliamentary website that we only have until next Friday (18th June) to put in submissions to the Select Committee.

This Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill (aka the Mandatory Fluoridation Bill) passed its Second Reading on Wednesday supported by all parties. Because the Bill has changed since it was first introduced into Parliament, the Bill is now going back to Select Committee. The change to the Bill is to shift decision making solely into the hands of Ashley Bloomfield and takes away all rights for any community to have a say.

We urgently need everyone to put in a submission, big or small, and let this Government know we will not stand for this. Even though you may understandably feel we have parliamentarians that do not listen to the people, we still need to voice objection otherwise we are seen by them as agreeing. A submission can be as basic as “I do not consent” or you can copy and paste the text from this page. All submissions are counted.

It is beyond belief that these parliamentarians can be so closed minded, so uninterested in real health, so lacking in common sense that they think adding toxic industrial waste to drinking water is a sensible health initiative, and so far removed from the science that they choose to ignore all the compelling science that has been published in the last few years and not only continue with this absurd practice, but want to force it on the other of half of New Zealand that has never had it.

Let them know how you feel – Give them Feedback
You can give feedback by going straight to this page on the Parliamentary website. If you don’t know what to say, you can copy and paste the text on this page. Please also choose to give oral feedback. We are pretty sure this can be done by Skype or phone, although having as many people at Parliament on the days of the Hearings is really important. If you say you want to speak but later find you can’t, you can always pull out. However, if you don’t say you want to speak, you cannot change your mind. Therefore best to say you will speak even if you are not sure.

Be a leader in Your Area
Please take action in your own area. We need people to take responsibility and get things moving in their areas. Since our flyers are still at least a week away from getting to you, please consider making up something simple of your own or print some of ours. Grab a friend and stand on the footpath outside the local supermarket giving out flyers, notify people through your Neighbourly (or similar) Facebook group, tell your friends and family. After submissions close we still need to mobilise.


For more information
On our Legislation page you can find all the information pertaining to the Bill, including all the submissions from the 2017 Select Committee and some of the footage of the submitters.