The last few years have seen unprecedented new science from Canada, Mexico, and the United States showing fluoride harms the developing brain from exposures due primarily to artificial water fluoridation.

In an effort to streamline this emerging science to the public in a clear, digestible way, FAN has created a one page document to help local campaigners, scientists, and decision makers get up to speed on the latest science on fluoride’s neurotoxicity.

FAN’s One-Pager on Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity [see latest 2023 version here]

Download the FAN one-pager on fluoride’s neurotoxicity

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Dr. Paul Connett’s Presentation on Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity 

Professor Paul Connett’s Toxicity Presentation Video by Fluoride Free Australia

There is now overwhelming evidence that fluoridation chemicals damage the developing brain of the fetus, infant and child. In this 48 minute video recorded on a recent trip to Australia, Dr. Paul Connett explains in detail the science behind of fluoride’s neurotoxicity.