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Skeletal Fluorosis studies in the journal Fluoride

December 9th, 2013

Table 1:  Studies on Skeletal Fluorosis

 Note: This list of studies on skeletal fluorosis have been published in Fluoride, a journal that PubMed,  the largest search engine for biomedical research, refuses to index. PubMed is funded by the American taxpayer through the National Institutes of Health. The journal Fluoride has published over 100 reports on skeletal fluorosis. Most of the links are for the “whole” volume. If that is the case, go to the Table of Contents in the beginning pages of the journal where there are links to the individual reports.

Title Author Volume/Page
New Observations on Fluorosis EDITORIAL 1(2):54, 1968
A Gap in Fluoride Research EDITORIAL 1(2):55, 1968
An epidemiological, clinical and biochemical study of endemic, dental and skeletal fluorosis in Punjab S. S. Jolly,
Patiala, India
1(2):65- 75, 1968
Fluorosis in Nalgonda District A. H. Siddiqui, Hyderabad, India 1(2):76-85, 1968
Fluorosis in the Sahara F. Pinet and A. Pinet,
Lyon, France
1(2):86- 93, 1968
Hydrofluorosis in the U.S.A. G. L. Waldbott,
Detroit, Michigan
1(2):94-102, 1968
Neighborhood Fluorosis in the U.S.A. EDITORIAL 2(1):2-3, 1969
Alleviation of Industrial Fluorosis in a Herd Ruth Allcroft and K.N. Burns,
Weybridge, Surrey, England
2(1):55-59, 1969
 Occupational Skeletal Fluorosis J. Lezovic and L. Arnost,
Bratislava Czechoslovakia
Volume 2(2):120-125. 1969
Link missing
Kaschin-Beck Disease T. Takamori, MD
Volume 2(2):128-131. 1969
Link missing
Metabolic Studies on Skeletal Fluorosis with a New Approach to its Treatment (Preliminary Report) S.P.S. Teotia, K.B. Kunwar and M. Teotia,
Lucknow, India
2(3):142-152, 1969
Thyroid Function in Endemic Hydrofluorosis in Sicily G. Frada, G. Mentesana and U. Guaijani,
Palermo, Italy
2(4):195-199, 1969
Incidence of Simple Goiter in Areas of Endemic Fluorosis in Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India A.H. Siddiqui,
Hyderabad, India
2(4):200-205, 1969
“Neighborhood” Fluorosis L. Waldbott and V.A. CeciIioni,
Detroit, Michigan & Hamilton, Ontario
2(4):206-213, 1969
Domestic defluoridation of water in areas of endemic fluorosis A.H. Siddiqui
Hyderabad, India
3(1):31-35. 1970
Neurological Complications of Skeletal Fluorosis with Special Reference to Lesions in the Cervical Region A.H. Siddiqui,
Hyderabad, India
3(2):91-96, 1970
Fluoride in Osteoporosis EDITORIAL 3(4):164-166, 1970
Fluoride Content and Microradiographic Findings in Skeletal Fluorosis V. Freitag, W. 0elschlger and  K. Loeffler,
Homburg(Saar) and Hohenheim, Germany
3(4):167-174, 1970
Fluoride Effects on Bone Morphology and Calcium Kinetics C. F. Ramberg, Jr., and S. E. Olsson,
Kennett Square, Pa. and Stockholm, Sweden
3(4):175-181, 1970
Fluoride and Nutritional Osteoporosis A. Henrikson, L. Lutwak, L. Krook, F. Fallfelz, B. E. Sheffy, R. Skogerboe, L.F. Belanger, J. R. Marier, B. Romanus and C. Hirsch 3(4):204-207, 1970
Determination of Fluorides in Polluted Air by Use of Ionic Specific Electrode Liberti A and Mascini M, Rome, Italy 4(2):49-57, 1971
Human Fluoride Intoxication in Punjab Jolly SS, Prasad S, Sharma R, and Rai B,
Patiala, India
4(2):64-79, 1971
Long-Term Effect of Fluoride Emission upon Children Balazova G,
Bratislava, CSSR
4(2):85-88, 1971
Fluoride Intoxication in Humans EDITORIAL 4(3):102-108, 1971
Tokio Takamori EDITORIAL 4(4):152-153, 1971
Takamori’s Research EDITORIAL 5(1):1-2, 1972
A Volatile Fluoride Generator for Fumigating Plants Rao DN and Pal D,
Varanasi, India
5(1):18-20, 1972
Sea Salt and Skeletal Fluorosis EDITORIAL 5(2):56-57, 1972
Fluorosis of Sheep caused by the Hekla Eruption in 1970 Georgsson G and Phursson G,
Keldur, Reykjavik
5(2):58-66, 1972
Calcification of the Vas Oeferens in a Patient with Endemic Fluorosis (Case Report) Teotia SPS and Teotia M,
Meetut, India
5(2):86-88, 1972
Hyperactivity of the Parathyroid Glands in Endemic Osteofluorosis Teotia SPS and Teotia M,
Meerut, India
5(3):115-124, 1972
Fluoride, Osteoporosis and Neo-Osseous-Porosis Teotia M, Teotia SPS and Teotia NPS, Meerut, India 5(3):125-131, 1972
Histological Changes of Human Fluorosis, Experimental Fluorosis in Animals and Osteoporosis Following Sodium Fluoride Therapy Franke F
Halle/Saale, DDR, Germany
 5(4):182-199. 1972
Endemic Fluorosis in Punjab
1. Skeletal Fluorosis
Jolly SS, S. Prasad, Sharma R, and Chander R Patiala, India 6(1):4-18. 1973
Fluoride and Osteoporosis EDITORIAL 6(3):123-126. 1973
Further Observations on Endemic Fluoride-Induced Oseopathies in Childen Teotia M and Teotia SPS
Meerut, India
6(3):143-150. 1973
The Pre-Skeletal Phase of Chronic Fluoride Intoxication EDITORIAL 7(3):118-122. 1974
Circulatory Plasma Immunreactive Parathyroid Hormone Levels (IPTH) in Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism S.P. Teotia, M. Teotia, R.R. Burns, S. Heels,
Meerut, India and London, England
7(4):200-207. 1974
Endocrinal Aspects of Endemic Flurosis Jolly SS, Singla VP, Sharma R, Ralhan SM, Sandhu SS,
New Delhi, India
7(4):208-219. 1974
Treatment of Fluorosis in Humans Rao SR, Murty KJR, Murty TVSD, Reddy SS
Hyderabad, India
8(1):12-24. 1975
Serendipity and Research on Fluoride EDITORIAL 8(2):58-60. 1975
Industrial Fluorosis Franke J, Rath F, Runge H, Fengler F, Auermann E, and Lenart GL. 8(2):61-85. 1975
Industrial Fluorosis in Wild Mule and Whitetail Deer from Western Montana Kay CE, Tourangeau PC, Gordon CC,
Missoula, Montana
8(4):182-190. 1975
The Skeletal Changes in Chronic Fluorosis EDITORIAL 9(2):71-72. 1976
Skeletal Fluorosis” Roentgenological and Histopathological Study Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Teotia NPS
Meerut, India
9(2):91-97. 1976
Treatment of Endemic Fluorosis in Human Beings: An Experimental Study Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Singh RK,
Meerut, India
9(2):98-104. 1976
Scanning Electron Miscroscopic Studies in Human Industrial Fluorosis Franke J and Horn V
Saale, Germany and Patiala, India
Fluoride Balance Studies in Endemic Fluorosis Jolly SS
Patiala, India
 Industrial Fluorosis EDITORIAL 9(4):170-172. 1976
Endemic Genu Valgum, A New Dimension to the Fluorosis Problem in India Krishnamachari KAVR and Sivakumar B
Hyderabad, India
9(4):185-200. 1976
Skeletal Fluorosis near Fluoride-Emitting Factories EDITORIAL 10(2):45-46. 1977
Temporal Bone in Fluorosis Thapar SP, Singh R, and Singh P
Patiala, India
10(2):86-87. 1977
Fluoride-Induced Changes in 60 Retired Aluminum Workers Czerwinski E and Lankosz W
Cracow, Poland
10(3):125-136. 1977
Hydrofluorosis in the Fluoridated Milwaukee Area Petraborg HT, M.D.
Aitkin, Minnesota
10(4):165-169. 1977
Skeletal Changes in Industrial and Endemic Fluorosis Czerwinski E and Lankosz W
Cracow, Poland
11(1):29-32. 1978
Electromyographic Studies in Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Reddy MVR, Reddy DR, Ramulu SB, Mani DS
Andhra Pradesh, India
11(1):33-36. 1978
Morphometric Measurements in the Diagnosis of Fluorotic Changes in the Long Bones
PART 1. The Forearm
Czerwinski E
Cracow, Poland
11(2):46-50. 1978
Morphometric Measurements in the Diagnosis of Fluorotic Changes in the Long Bones
PART II. The Lower Leg
Czerwinski E
Cracow, Poland
11(2):51-55. 1978
Preliminary Report. Plasma Fluoride, 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol, Immunoreactive Parathyroid Hormone and Calcitonin in Patients with Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Singh RK, Teotia NPS, Taves DR, Heels S, D’Mello VP
Meerut, India
Link Missing
Second Symposium CEMO – FLUORIDE AND THE BONE, Nyon Switzerland, October 9-12, 1977 Czerwinski E
Cracow, Poland
11(3):151-155. 1978
Link Missing
Bone Mineral Analysis in Persons with Long-Time Fluoride Exposure Runge H, Franke J, Geryk B, Hein G, Fengler F, Paul H, Bismarck M, Schmidt CWHalle, Germany and Martin, C.S.S.R. 12(1):18-27. 1979
BOOK REVIEW: Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma. 423 pages, 45 illustrations, 35 tables. GL Waldbott M.D., AW Burgstsahler PhD, HL McKinney PhD 12(1):52-54. 1979
Urinary Fluoride Excretion in Endemic Fluorosis Bagga OP, Mehta SP, Parkash V, Raizada A, Singh KN, Sankhyan KA, Gupta R, Sood B
New Delhi, India
12(2):72-75. 1978
Measuring of Cortical Thickness, a Means for Controlled Diagnosis of Fluoride-Exposed People Runge H, Franke J, Theuring A
Halle, Germany
12(2):91-99. 1978
Urinary Fluoride Excretion in Endemic Fluorosis Rao SR, Murthy KJR, Murthy TVSD
Hyderabad, India
12(4):188-194. 1979
A New Concept of the Effect of Fluoride on the Bone Franke J
Halle, Germany
BOOK REVIEW:Industrial Fluorosis (in Russian). 1975.
95 pages, 24 tables, 10 figures
Bogdanow NA and Gambizkij EW
Leningrad, Rjussa
Kidney Changes and Kidney Stones in Endemic Fluorosis Jolly SS, Sharma OP, Garg G, Sharma R
Patiala, India
13(1):10-16. 1980
The Parathyroid in Human Fluorotic Syndrome Makhni SS, Sidhu SS, Singh P, Singh G
Punjab, India
13(1):17-19. 1980
A Follow Up Study of Fluorosis a Decade After A Change in the Source of Drinking Water. Preliminary Report Bagga OP, Gupta R, Gulati PV, Goel A
New Delhi, India
13(1):25-30. 1980
Trace Elements in Endemic Fluorosis Jolly SS, Lal H, Sharma R
Pastiala, India
13(2):49-57. 1980
Kizilcaoren — A Health Survey in an Endemic Fluorosis Village Aksit MA, Tel E, Bilir S
Eskisehir, Turkey
13(2):81-85. 1980
Food-Induced Skeletal Fluorosis EDITORIAL 14(2):49-50. 1981
X-Ray Analysis of Foodborne Skeletal Fluorosis Daijei H
Guizhou, China
14(2):51-55. 1981
Hydro-Geochemical Aspects of Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis in India – An Epidemiologic Study Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Singh RK
Meerut, India
14(2):69-74. 1981
Industrial Fluorosis Carnow BW, Conibear SA
Chicago, Illinois
14(4):172-181. 1981
Fluoride Content of Urine, Blood, Nails and Hair in Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Elsair J, Merad R, Denine R, et al.
Algiers, Algeria
15(1):43-47. 1982
Drug-Induced Skeletal Fluorosis Baud CA, Boivin G, Demeurisse C
Geneva, Switzerland
Copper, ZInc and Magnesium in Breast Milk of Women Residing in Endemic Fluorosis Areas in Southern India Krishnamachari KAVR, Rajalakshmi K, Radhiah G
Hyderabad, India
Measurement of Spinal Canal Body Ratio in Fluorotic Spine Kapila AK, Kaur RP, Jolly SS
Patiala, India
16(1):11-19. 1983
Neighborhood Fluorosis With Skeletal Manifestations Schmidt CW
Heidenau, Germany
16(2):83-80. 1983
Clinical Radiological Observations Among Workers of Fluoride Processing Industry Desai VK, Bhavsar BS, Mehta NR, Krishnamachari KAVR
Surat, Gujarat and Hyderabad, India
16(2):90-100. 1983
Fluorosis and Finger Ball Dermatoglyphics: A Comparative Study Batish KL, Sidhu SS, Makhni SS, Batish MK, Bhatnagar DP
Punjab, India
16(4):198-208. 1983
Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Bony Tissue in Foodborne Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Chongwan Z, Deijei H, Enshou W
Guizhou, China
16(4):209-213. 1983
The Research of A.K. Susheela on Fluoride Changes in the Bone EDITORIAL 17(1):1-3. 1984
The Incidence of Moenckeberg Calcifications in Patients with Endemic Fluorosis Tuncel E
Bursa, Turkey
17(1):4-8. 1984
Environmental Fluoride and Metabolic Bone DIsease – An Epidemiological Study (Fluoride and Nutrition Interactions) Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Singh DP, Anand V, Singh CV, Singh Tomar NP
Meerut, India
17(1):14-22. 1984
Fluoride Content of Bones of Retired Fluoride Workers Dominok G, Siefert K, Frege J, Dominok B
Cottbus, Germany
17(1):23-26. 1984
Endemic Fluorosis: Change to Deeper Bore Wells as a Practical Community-Acceptable Approach to its Eradication“Nearly one million individuals in India are afflected with skeletal fluorosis. Several million are exposed to the risk of developing fuoride toxicity. Once crippling bone disease has developed, no specific treatment is known and it is largely irreversible.” Teotia SPS, Teotia M, Singh DP, Rathour RS, Singh CV, Tomar NPS, Nath M, Singh NP
Meerut India
17(1):48-52. 1984
Urinary Fluoride Excretion in Skeletal Fluorosis Reddy DR, Rao NVR, Murthy JMK, Geetanjali N
Hyderabad, India
17(4):243-246. 1984
A Preliminary Investigation of Industrial Fluorosis in a High Fluoride Area of China Yang Z, Luo Y, Zhang L, Zhao A, Ou Y, Ma W, Sha P, Sun H, Lin H
18(1):46-53. 1985
Epidemiological Study of Endemic Fluorosis in the Village Khera in Punjab”The onset of skeletal fluorotic symptoms is sex-related: The average exposure time for adverse effects in females is approximately ten years less than for males.” Sidhu SS, Batish KL, Batish MK, Bhatnagar DP, Makhni SS
18(3):149-156. 1985
Boron as an Antidote to Fluorosis: Part 1: Studies on the Skeletal System Franke J, Runge H, Bech R, Wiedmar W, Krtamer W, Kochmann, et. al.
18(4):187-197. 1985
Fluorosis in Nalgonda District in Relation to Chemical Characteristics of Potable Water and Staple Food Rajyalakshmi K and Rao NVR
Hyderabad, India
18(4):198-203. 1985
Sequence of Fluorotic Changes in Long Bones of Males and Females (An Experimenta Study in Rabbits) Mittal RL, Makhni SS, Markam DK
Patiala, India
18(4):203-207. 1985
Roentgen Diagnosis of Industrial Skeletal Fluorosis (A Report of 100 Cases) Wang J, Gong TS, Zhen CA, Chen KZ, Cao DM, Ding JQ
Hunan, China
19(2):80-86. 1986
Skeletal Fluorosis, Secondary to Occult Renal Disease Naidu MRC, Sastry KVR, Reddy PK, Reddy DR
Hyderabad, India
19(4):166-168. 1986
Late Responses in Skeletal Fluorosis Murthy JMK, Anandavalli TE, Reddy DR
Hyderabad, India
19(4):181-183. 1986
Effect of Borax in Treatment of Skeletal Fluorosis Zhou LY, Wei ZD, Liu SZ
Guizand, Guizhou, China
20(1):24-27. 1987
Role of Copper in Skeletal Changes in Fluorosis: An Experimental Study in Rabbits Mittal RL, Sidhu SS, Khokha SsPatiala, Punjab, India 20(3):104-108. 1987
Industrial Fluoride Pollution in the Metallurgical Industry in China Yang Z, Luo Y, Zhang L, Zhao Z
Changsha, Hunan, China
20(3):118-125. 1987
Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis – Clinical and Radiological Variants (Review of 25 Years of Personal Research) Teotia SPS and Teotia M
Meerut, India
21(1):39-44. 1988
Radiological and Histological Studies on Bone of Experimental Rabbits in Skeletal Fluorosis Huo D and Zhan C
Guizhou, China
21(2):76-81. 1988
Cost Effectiveness Analysis: Application to Industrial Fluorosis Rey P and Bousquet A
Geneva, Switzerlans
21(4):177-184. 1988
A Study of Equilibrium Between Ionic Fluoride and Nonionic Fluoirde in Serum of Monkeys with Skeletal Fluorosis Li C, Tan Y, Liang X, Fan J
Tianjin, China
Monitoring Occupational FLuoride Exposure Through Urinary and Salivary Tests Kertesz P, Peter M, Tomecz E, et al.
Szczecin, Poland
22(2):85-89. 1989
Radiological Modifications of the Skeletal System Among Aluminum Smelter Workers. A 15-Year Retrospective Study Runge H and Franke J
Halle and Erfur, Germany
22(4):157-164. 1989
Fluoride and Ash Content of Bone in Various Stages of Human Fluorosis Franke J
Erfurt, Germany
22(4):195-203. 1989
Effect of Industrial Fluorosis on Haemogram of Camels Karran MH and Ibrahim TA
Assiut Province, Egypt
Studies on Effects of Fluoride in 37 Villages of Mehsana District, North Gujarat Chinoy NJ, Narayana MV, Sequeira E, Joshi SM, Barot JM, et al.
Ahmedabad, India
Prevalence of Endemic Fluorosis With Gastrointestinal Manifestations in People Living in Some North-Indian Villages Susheela AK, Kumar A, Bhatnagar M, Badadur R
New Delhi, India
Endemic Fluorosis in the Village Ralla Anantapuram in Andhra Pradesh: An Epidemiological Study Saralakumari D and Rao R
Anantapur, India
26(3):177-180. 1993
Recent Studies on Endemic Fluorosis in China GUEST EDITORIAL
Li J and Cao S
Beijing, China
27(3):125-128. 1994
Studies on Sural Nerve Biopsies in Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Sesikeran B, Rao SH, Krishnamurthi D, Reddy DR
Hyderabad, India
27(4):189-193. 1994
A Method for Estimating Individual Predisposition to Occupational Fluorosis Polzik EV, Zinger VE, Valova GA, et al
Ekatcrinburg, Russia
27(4):194-200. 1994
Sister Chromatid Exchanges: A Study in Fluorotic Individuals of North Gujarat Sheth FJ, Multani AS, Chinoy NJ
Ahmedabad, India
Endemic Fluorosis in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. II Identification of Risk Factors Associated with Occupational Exposure to Fluoride Calderon J, Romieu I, Grimaldo M, Hernandez H, DFIaz-Barriga F
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
28(4):203-208. 1995
The Effect of Nutrition on the Development of Endemic Osteomalacia in Patients with Skeletal Fluorosis Zgang ZY, FAN JY, Yen W, Tian JY, Wang JG, Li XX, Wang ELBaoding, Hebei, China 29(1):20-24. 1996
Investigations of Soft Tissue Funtions in Fluorotic Individuals of North Gujarat Michael M, Barot VV, Chinoy NJ
Ahmedabad, India
29(2):63-71. 1996
X-Ray Analysis of 80 Patients With Severe Endemic Fluorosis Caused by Coal Burning Zhao ZP, Yuan MB, Liu GF
Luzhou, Sichuan, China
29(2):79-81. 1996
Contribution of Fluoride in Water and Food to the Prevalence of Fluorosis in Areas of Tamil Nadu in South India Karthikeyan G, Pius A, Apparao BV
Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, India
29(3)L151-155. 1996
Fluorosis Induced by Drinking Brick Tea Cao J, Bai X, Zhao Y, et al.
Changsha and Daofu, China
29(3):139-142. 1996
Coal Burning Induced Endemic Fluorosis in China Zhang Y and Cao SR
Beijing, China
29(4):207-211. 1996
Electrocardiogram Analysis of Patients with Skeletal Fluorosis Xu RY and Xu RQ
Bao Tou, Inner Mongolia, China
30(1):16-18. 1997
Relations Between Environment and Endemic Fluorosis in Hohhot Region, Inner Mongolia Xu RQ, Wu DQ, Xu RY
Hohhot, China
30(1):26-28. 1997
Skeletal Changes With Toxicity From Fluoride and Aluminum Chen XG, Zhou S, Jiao J, Ding YH, Zhao ZQ
Guiyand, Guizhou, China
30(2):85-88. 1997
Serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3 in Endemic Genu Valgum and Fluorosis Raghuramulu N, Krishnamachari KAVR, Rao BSN
Hyderabad, India
30(3):147-152. 1997
Fluorosis in Some Tribal Villages of Dungarpur District of Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL, Choubisa DK, Joshi SC, Choubisa L
Dungarpur, Rajasthan, India
30(4):223-228. 1997
The Control of Coal-Burnoing Fluorosis in China Hou P
Beijing, China
30(4):229-232. 1997
Epidemiological and Radiological Study of Skeletal Fluorosis in Minzhu Town, Longli County, Guizhou Province, China Li D, Duan R, Wang S, He G, Li P, Nie Z, Wen T
Guyang, China
32(2):55-59. 1999
A Clinical and Biochemical Study of Chronic Fluoride Toxicity in Children of Kheru Thanda of Gulbarga District, Karnataka, India Shivashankara AR, Shankara YMS, Rao SH, Bhat PG
Karnataka, Incia
33(2):66-73. 2000
Skeletal Fluorosis From Indoor Burning of Coal in Southwestern China Watanabe T, Kondo T, Asanuma S, et al. 33(3):135-139. 2000
Endemic Genu Valgum and Other Bone Deformities in Two Villages of Mandla District in Central India Chakma T, Ra PV, Singh SB, Tiwary RS
Jabalpur, India
33(4):187-195. 2000
Endemic Fluorosis in Southern Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL
Dungarpur, Rajasthan, India
34(1):61-70. 2001
Oxidative Stress in Children with Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis Shivarajashankara YM, Shivashankara AR, Ra SH, et al.
Karnataka, India
34(2):103-107. 2001
BOOK REVIEW: Treatise on Fluorosis By AK Susheela
Book Review by HC Moolenburgh
34(3):181-183. 2001
Fluoride Exposure from Burning Coal-Clay in Guizhou Province, China Wu D, Zheng B, Wang A, Yu G
Guiyang, China
37(1):20-27. 2004
Dental and Early-Stage Skeletal Fluorosis in Children Induced by Fluoride in Brick-Tea Cao J, Liu JQ, Tang LL, et al.
Changsha, P.R. China
38(1):44-47. 2005
Serum Fluoride and Skeletal Fluorosis in Two Villages in Jiangsu Province, China Xiang QY, Chen LS, Chen XD, et al.
Nanjing, PR Chinga
38(3):178-184. 2005
Bone Resorption Marker and Ultrasound Measurements in Adults Residing in an Endemic Fluorosis Area of Turkey Topuz O, Akkaya N, Ardic F, et al.
Denizli, Turkey
39(2):138-144. 2006
Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Enzyme Status of Adult Males with Skeletal Fluorosis in Andhra Pradesh, India Kalyanalakshmi P, Vijayabhaskar M, Naidu MD
Andhra Pradesh, India
40(1):42-45. 2007
Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Study of Endemic Skeletal Fluorosis in a Village of Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India Khandare AL, Rao GS, Balarkrishna N
Hyderabad, India
40(3):190-197. 2007
BOOK REVIEW: A Treatise on Fluorosis – Third Edition By AK Susheela
Review by AW Burgstahler and Bruce Spittle
40(4):248-249. 2007
Fluoride and Endemic Fluorosis in the Karbianglong District, Assam, India Kotoky P, Barooah PK, Baruah MK, et al.
Jorhat, Assam, India
41(1):42-45. 2008
Endemic Fluorosis in Five Villages of the Palamau District, Jharkhand, India Srikanth R, Chandra TR, Kumar BR
Palamau, India
41(3):206-211. 2008
Prevalence of Neurological Manifestations in a Human Population Exposed to Fluoride in Drinking Water Sharma JD, Sohu D, Jain P
Jaipur, India
42(2):127-132. 2009
Serum Osteocalcin and Calcitonin in Adult Males With Different Fluoride Exposures Ma J, Li M, Song Y, Tu J, Liu F, Liu K
Wuhan, China
Osteo-Dental Fluorosis in Relation to Nutritional Status, Living Habits, and Occupation in Rural Tribal Areas of Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL, Choubisa L, Choubisa D
Udaipur, India
42(3):210-215. 2009
Fluoride Toxicity and Donkeys EDITORIAL 43(1):4. 2010
Osteo-Dental Fluorosis in Domestic Horses and Donkeys in Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL
Udaipur, India
43(1):5-12. 2010
Why Do Penquins Not Develop Skeletal Fluorosis? Yin X, Chen L, Sun L, et al.
43(2):108-118. 2010
Effects of Smoking, Use of Aluminum Utensils, and Tamarind Consumption on Fluorosis in a Fluorotic Village of Andhra Pradesh, India Khandare A, Rasaputra K, Meshram I, Rao S
Hyderabad, India and Fayetteville, Arkansas USA
43(2):128-133. 2010
A Fluoride Zonation Map of the Karbianglong District, Assam, India Kotoky P, Tamuli U, Borah GC
Jorhat, Assam, India
43(2):157-159. 2010
Fluorosis in Dromedary Camels in Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL
Udaipur, India
43(3):194-199. 2010
Food, Fluoride, and Fluorosis in Domestic Ruminants in the Dungarpur District of Rajasthan, india Choubisa SL, Mishra GV, Sheikh Z, Mali P, Jaroli VJ
Udaipur, India
44(2):70-76. 2011
Toxicity of Fluoride in Cattle of the Indian Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India Choubisa SL, Modasiya V, Bahura CK, Sheikh Z
Udaipur and Bikaner, India
45(4):371-376. 2012
Correlation of Fluoride in Drinking Water with urine, Blood Plasma, and Serum Fluoride Levels of People Consuming High and Low Fluoride Drinking Water in Pakistan Ahmed I, Rafique T, Hasan SK, et al.
Tharparkar and Karachi, Pakistan
45(4):384-388. 2012
Fluoride Toxicosis in Immature Herbivorous Domestic Animals Living in Low Fluoride Water Endemic Areas of Rajasthan, India: An Observational Survey Choubisa SL
Udaipur, India
46(1):19-24. 2013