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Dr. Theo Colburn Calls on Portland to Reject Fluoridation

Theo Colburn, PhD | March 2013

Theo Colborn, co-author of the book “Our Stolen Future,” is an environmental health analyst, and best known for her studies on the health effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Colburn wrote the following statement in March 2013.

colborn_bookDuring my freshman year (1944) attending pharmacy school I was taught that fluorine was the most reactive of all the elements and it would dissolve anything. By 1950 as a pharmacist I was dispensing infant and children’s vitamins containing fluoride (a fluorine salt) and dosing my first born with it. I had been taken-in completely by the propaganda about this “wonder drug” and its ability to prevent cavities. It never occurred to me to ask for copies of the studies that proved fluoride was safe.

By 1978 I began to realize that there was a lot the public does not know about its exposure to low levels of toxic chemicals in the environment, and I decided to go back to college. This eventually led to my ending up in Washington, DC where I spent 17 years focusing on the insidious health impairment in wildlife and humans caused by chemicals at what the government considers safe.

It was not until I was given the privilege in 2004 to write the Foreward for The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson that I discovered no adequate studies were done to test the efficacy of ingesting fluoride in humans. In his book Bryson provided scientific evidence that coating teeth with a fluoride can reduce cavities but that swallowing it does not.

Over the past two decades, going well beyond traditional toxicological testing, new testing protocols for detecting adverse health effects at parts per trillion or less have been developed. Government decision-makers must now demand

research on how ambient concentrations of ingested fluoride can affect the most sensitive system in our bodies: the endocrine system, which is the body’s signaling system that governs long-term health and chronic disease and how we develop, reproduce, function.

Clear evidence must be made public that fluorides used to treat municipal water supplies are not endocrine disruptors.

Please vote NO on Measure 26-151.

Theo Colborn, PhD