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"Common sense should tell us that if a poison circulating in a child's body can damage the tooth-forming cells, then other harm also is likely." - Dr. John Colquhoun (1997).

Personal Stories

The following is a sampling of emails sent to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) from people impacted by dental fluorosis — a tooth defect caused by too much fluoride exposure during the first 8 years of life.  Millions of people in the United States and other fluoridating countries now have some form of this condition. Indeed,, according to the most recent national survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 41% of American adolescents have the condition, with 3% adolescents having the advanced (i.e., moderate/severe) forms, in which brown staining and pitting can occur. Even purported “mild” forms of fluorosis (in which the teeth are marked with white specks, streaks, and splotches) can cause significant distress and embarrassment. (To see pictures, click here.) FAN is posting these emails to help highlight the often overlooked impacts that fluoride policies have on families. If you or a loved one has dental fluorosis and would like to help educate others by sharing your story, please email us at personal(at)www.fluoridealert.org. 

Photograph of Dental Fluorosis by Hardy Limeback DDS, PhD.

Subject: my child has FLUOROSIS

Dear Fluoride Action Network,

My adopted daughter has Fluorosis. Even the dentist didn’t know why her teeth were mottled, but when I saw your web site I recognized it instantly. My daughter has big teeth, and unfortunately her teeth deter from her beautiful face. She’s 9 years old right now. My question is, what can I DO for her cosmetically? Her teeth look dirty, even when they are not, and she has been getting teased at school. Thanks So Much,

Subject: Thanks

I am so happy to view a website warning people about the dangers of too much fluoride. I am one of the unlucky people who has moderate to severe fluorosis – many of my teeth are pitted and discolored. I am writing this email to thank you because the knowledge provided here has taught me what is safe and not safe for the children that I hope to have some day. I would never want them to go through the embarrassment and humiliation that I have experienced. Also, I was wondering if you know about options that I have as far as getting my teeth fixed. I know that cosmetic dentistry is expensive, so I am looking for something affordable, if there is such a thing. Thanks.

Subject: Good news/bad news

I am not dealing with this whole fluoride thing well at all. Every time I look at J…’s teeth I have to hold back my tears. Every baby and toddler I saw at Disney reminded me that at that age I was giving her poison. Every time I look at her I wonder what other damage this poison may have done inside of her.

I know that dealing with distraught moms is probably outside your area of expertise and I appreciate your patience. You’re my link to the people and information I need to help my daughter…

Subject: Flourosis

Hello. I have a mild case of flourosis and I hate the way my teeth look. It bothers me a lot, I avoid smiling as a result. I know that there’s no way to reverse this… but I want to fix my teeth so that I don’t see any more white spots. I particularly concerned with my two front teeth, what cosmetic procedure would you suggest I get?

Subject: Fluoridosis

My son has been diagnosed with fluoridosis. I had followed the advice of his pediatrician and given him the fluoride drops, and now we’re stuck with the problem. I realize there is nothing I can do about his teeth. Is there simply nothing that can be done at all through nutrition?

Subject: Dental Fluorosis

Hello. I have a question about Dental Fluorosis. I think I might have it. I have had white marks on my 2 front teeth as long as I can remember. I never knew what caused it. I had no idea it might be dental fluorosis. Is there any way to tell for sure? Have you ever heard of someone suing their municipality for causing dental fluorosis?


Subject: Question

Hello. I stumbled upon the National Treasury Employees Union report written by Dr. J. William Hirzy dated 05-01-99 a few months ago, through the Feingold Association’s website, and figured out immediately that THIS is what’s wrong with my son’s teeth. My problem, now, however is that I can’t seem to find any information on what to do about it. Can/should I get him tested for fluoride levels in his body? Do I have any recourse against the dentists who’ve prescribed the fluoride pills for him b/c we have well water? And, is there anything I can do to make his “funky teeth” normal again? Can you give me some direction?

Subject: Re: fluoride

Thanks for the reply. I VERY MUCH appreciate it. Do you think it is possible to reverse some of the damage I have already done? I read the worst time to overdose on fluoride is 21-30 months for females (this is when the enamel on those top incisors are forming) and this is the EXACT time we overdosed her! I know you said it’s not too late, but can I reverse what I have done so that her fluorosis won’t be moderate or severe? What if I give her extra calcium? Do you know? (Can you tell I am very upset about this? ha ha)

Subject: depressing fluorosis

My name is Jennifer and I have severe dental fluorosis. I am now 20 and have had this since I was very young. This has really affected my life to the fullest extent. In elementary, middle, and high school, I was teased really bad by the other kids. People did not understand what I was talking about. When I tried to explain, they thought I just did not brush my teeth. I can’t smile or even look people in the eye when I talk to them. It is completely devastating. Thank God I am finally getting it fixed. I am going in one month for a Composite Bonding. I wish more people knew how exactly this affects children. Especially when they grow older, everyone would like a nice smile, but this makes it so much worse, especially since it is permanent. To everyone else that has it, remember you are not the only ones!!

Subject: my daughter

My daughter is almost 6 yrs.old. She was born in Phoenix where we lived until she was 1. We now live in southern Ca. When she was born I was very unsure about the care of children. I got some notion that my daughter needed aditional fluoride. Her doctor perscribed fluoride drops. I have no written record of the prescription or remember how long I gave it to her. Now her adult teeth are comming in and they are not as white as her baby teeth and one has a white spot on it. her dentist keeps telling me they are fine but I think maybe he has just never seen damage due to fluoride. I am also having a hard time accepting that I did this very large and important mistake to my child. What should I do? I am sure this is the problem, but I do want comformation and I am worried about her health, bones etc. I gave her the fluoride sometime before she was 1.

Very stressed mother

Subject: i need a cure

Hi, i have flurosis and i need to get it cured! I need help. I went to my local dentist and he had never seen or heard about flurosis. I was born and raised in Australia, not India where the drinking water contained chemicals. All i am asking for is a cure, i have enough info about the preventative measures and causes, but its too late, i’ve had it on my teeth for as long as i can remember. I am 18 and its my first yr at university, it is really embarrassing talking to people up close. Is there some way you can help me in finding a cost efficient permanent cure?

Subject: dental fluorosis


I’m 27 years old, and I noticed recently that I have some white spots on my front teeth. I was surprised because I went to the dentist 2 months ago, and he said that my teeth were fine and he didn’t mention a thing about the white spots. I don’t know whether that was because he didn’t see them as cause for concern, or because they only recently appeared.

In any case, I’ve been reading about Dental Fluorosis on your site, and the pictures labeled “Mild fluorosis” seem to be pretty close to what my teeth look like.

Since this seems to be an irriversible process, is there anything at all that I can do prevent it from getting worse? Is it too late, and will my teeth eventually develop severe fluorosis?

I’ve started taking calcium supplements and limiting the foods that are high in fluoride (i.e. tea and fluoridated toothpaste). Is there anything else I can do?


Subject: Victim of Fluoride Tablets

Sir/ Madam

I have just come across your website and wondered whether you would be able to assist me. When my older sister was born NHS staff advised my Mum to give her fluoride tablets to help make her teeth strong. She took the advice and when I was born I was given the same tablet, until my older sisters second teeth started to show. It was then my mum realized that instead of making our teeth better these tablets had permanently mottled our teeth, mine more obvious than my sisters.

I have researched into bleaching and other cosmetic procedures to rectify this problem which has had an effect on my confidence and self-esteem, but because of the complex nature of the problem the only solution I can find would be to have porcelain veneers which cost a fortune.

Could you tell me if the NHS or any other responsible body was offering compensation for the ill advice they gave vulnerable mothers in the early eighties?

Subject: help with fluorosis

What do you do about fixing this discoloration. The dentists say bleaching won’t work and they recommend veneers!!!

Tens of thousands of dollars for grinding down great shaped teeth that are just discolored? Won’t anything else work?

Subject: question

I think my 8 yr old son has fluorosis, so what do I do now? He has been using flouride toothpaste for years and a fluoride supplement his dentist prescribed AND rinses with ACT on occasion which has fluoride in it. He has some white spots on his two top front teeth which are still growing in and are his permanent teeth. He also has developemental delays, which makes me wonder. At this point, will this go away and should I stop using fluoride now to help it or is the harm already done if I can see white spots already? thanks for info

Subject: No subject


I can’t seem to find any information on how to correct dental fluorosis. I am a 25 yr old aspiring t.v. reporter who just noticed a small white spot on my front tooth and I want to correct it. My career is partly based on my looks, so I’m a little paranoid about the spot. PLEASE let me know if there’s any way to fix this!! THANK YOU!!

Subject: New to the fluoride issues


I recently became aware of the dangers of fluoridated water after the movie “Dr. Strangelove” prompted me to look up information on fluoridation, which at first, I thought was a big joke.

After reading the material on your and others sites, I have taken some “first level” actions to find out more about this situation.

I have contacted the ADA, the city health office of Norfolk, VA as well as other government and civilian agencies. I even wrote to the Brita water filtration company asking why their filters are not advertised as removing fluoride.

After studying the nature and physical symptoms of Dental Fluorosis I am dismayed to finally learn that the white spots on my teeth are not degraded tooth enamel, but mild DF. Can you recommend a good non-fluoride toothpaste?

If you have a mailing list, please include me and I hope to be in touch with you in the future.

Thank you,

Subject: Daughter’s recent diagnosis of fluorosis

My daughter recently went to a new dentist, who diagnosed fluorosis. We have changed toothpaste to an organic type w/no added fluoride, but I am concerned about the bottled water she consumes (a lot). How do I find a brand that does not use fluoride to purify? Is there a list online?
Thank you for your help!

Subject: Question

I have a special needs child that does not know how to spit the toothpaste out. He is a toddler. His dr. said to use regular toothpaste with fluoride in it so I have been using kids sparkle fun flavor.

My concern is that his teeth are yellow and at the tips they are a grayish color. Even though I brush them 2x a day. They get that color not too long after brushing. He also takes nebulizer treatments for his breathing. I had read that they might could cause it. But his dr. said that he doesn’t think that it would be causing it. He has been on it for months for the discoloring to start now. He thought it might be the well water but my son doesn’t eat any foods that we cook and our area has high fluoride also but that would not be it either.

I wanted to see if anyone reading this email might have some insight on what I could try. Maybe I need to change the toothpaste or something like that. If you would email me back please.

Concerned mom

Subject: Fluorspar

To whom it may concern,

I am 39 years old and was exposed to Fluorspar in our drinking water when I was growing up. My upper teeth had to be removed by the age of 14 due to deterioration. My back lower teeth never came out, are still dormant according to my dentist. I had to have a partial put in.

My question: “Is it safe for me to have a child. Do I have a greater chance of having a Down Syndrome baby? or even bone deformities?” Can this be a hidden cause for my asthma and other aches and pains. If yes, what can I do… My clock is ticking…I’m finally with a loving man for a long time. If at all possible I would like to have a child.

Thanking you in advance for your time.

Subject: dental flluorosis

my son has what looks like to me severe dental fluorosis, although our dentist has transfered us to see a dental specialist no one wants to say what is actually wrong with his teeth, how can we find out more.

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