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Moms2B Avoid Fluoride

The Moms2B campaign was launched in April 2018 to advise pregnant women to avoid fluoride, particularly fluoridated water, because of the potential for harm to the brain of the fetus. Please join with us.

Help Spread the Word

Drinking fluoridated water is the major source of exposure to fluoride for most people, as well as using water to prepare beverages and food, such as infant formula, soups, pasta, rice, coffee, and tea. Despite the U.S. government funding research linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lower IQ in children, health agencies and public water suppliers appear to be doing nothing to notify or warn pregnant women in fluoridated communities of this potential threat to the brain development of their children.

While ending public water fluoridation is the proper response and ultimate solution to this health risk, it’s important that we work to reduce the harmful effects of the practice while it’s still in effect. A crucial part of this effort is warning people who are particularly vulnerable to fluoride toxicity. With your help, we can educate the next generation of parents, so they can take action to avoid fluoride exposure during this critical time in the development of their child.

Baby Steps to Help Spread the Word

First, get connect with FAN and a vibrant movement of concerned individuals and professionals throughout the U.S. and the world. It’s easy to keep up to date with the latest Moms2B news, science, studies, campaign tools, and updates:

  • Sign up here to learn more about the Moms2B campaign and how you can participate further.
  • “Like” our Moms2B Facebook page. This is an easy way to maintain contact with this educational effort, and learn about new resources, research, and progress. This also enables you to quickly share our posts on the subject, making education and outreach even easier.

On a Personal Level:
Make a difference on your own, even right from home

  • Word-of-Mouth has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective and influential ways to educate and alert the public.  People tend to listen to and trust their friends, family members, clients, and peers more than other sources of information, especially when they’re face-to-face.  Personally share and discuss the Moms2B Avoid Fluoride message with the people in your life; even the members of your book club, your healthcare provider, your hairdresser…anyone you think will benefit from this knowledge.  It’s as simple as saying:

Did you see the new government-funded study linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lowered IQ in children?  Expecting mothers should avoid fluoride and fluoridated water.  I’ll send you the info on social media or by email.

  • Email this information to friends, family, and every pregnant woman you know using our automated system.  Or cut and paste the example message below into your own email.  Make sure to urge the recipients to do the same, exponentially increasing your impact with each person who shares it.

I wanted to let you know about a new 12-year study funded by the U.S. government has linked fluoride exposure during pregnancy to lowered IQ in children.

You can visit this website to learn more: http://fluoridealert.org/issues/moms2b/

Please consider sharing this with anyone you know expecting a child or planning a pregnancy!

  • Send letters-to-the-editor of your local newspapers. This is a useful way to educate residents, journalists, and community leaders simultaneously.
  • Contact your State Legislator and urge them to pass a law requiring public water companies to notify parents of this risk during pregnancy, or to consider replacing fluoridation with an alternative oral health policy (like the Childsmile program in Scotland) that reduces the health risk to children.
  • Donate to FAN’s education campaign to notify pregnant women to avoid fluoride, including running advertisements on Google, Facebook, and in other platforms where ads are most likely to reach pregnant women, parents, health practitioners, and decision-makers with authority over fluoridation policy.

On a Community Level:
Educating the community with a team of concerned citizens or by yourself

  • Distribute flyers and literature in your health food stores, coffee shops, post office, libraries, laundromats, community centers, area WIC offices, daycares, local women’s health centers, bus stops and stations, and wherever an accessible bulletin board or a public space with a lot of pedestrian traffic.  Hand materials out at area events, farmers markets, “4th” Trimester meetings, yoga classes, book clubs, or anywhere else you’ll find a captive audience.
  • Educate your City Council, Mayor, Water Board members, and Water Director about Moms2B Avoid Fluoride.  Urge decision-makers to notify water consumers about this risk, or to replace fluoridation with a safer oral health policy.
  • Join a state or local campaign to help end the addition of fluoridation chemicals to your drinking water. Visit our World Alliance to End Fluoridation as well as our State Pages to find your FAN state contact and the latest local fluoride news, which will name the communities and campaigners who have debated the issue recently in your area. Also consider searching the internet, followed by a search on Facebook using search terms like: “fluoride free “ or “end fluoridation” followed by the name of your town or state.
  • More to be announced over the coming weeks…

Share Your Moms2B Story: 

Are you helping to spread the word about Moms2B Avoid Fluoride?  Please share stories, photos, and videos about your experience with FAN by emailing them to Moms2B@fluoridealert.org

We will share your story on this website and with fellow supporters of this campaign to inspire them, show solidarity, and offer examples of successful and unique campaign ideas.

People who share their experiences will receive a free T-shirt and two bumper stickers.

As the campaign progresses over the coming weeks and months, please check back to see the experiences of concerned citizens and community leaders like yourself.

MOMS2B Helpline: Have a question or need assistance?
Email: Moms2B@fluoridealert.org


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