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The Moms2B campaign was launched in April 2018 to advise pregnant women to avoid fluoride, particularly fluoridated water, because of the potential for harm to the brain of the fetus. Please join with us.

Media: 3 major studies on urinary F levels published Oct 10, 2018

Following the Media:

On October 10, 2018, three significant studies—two of which were U.S. government funded (by the National Institutes of Heath and other U.S. agencies)– were published on urinary fluoride levels in the pregnant mother.

Two studies linked the urinary fluoride levels in pregnant women to ADHD and thyroid problems in their offspring.

A third study found that pregnant women in “optimally” fluoridated Canada have significantly higher levels of fluoride in their urine than women in non-fluoridated communities. This study also showed that pregnant Canadians had fluoride urinary levels similar to those that reduced IQ in offspring from last year’s Bashash et al, 2017 NIH-funded study by 5 to 6 IQ points. These findings suggest that the Bashash results from Mexico City may be applied to Canada, and probably the U.S., namely that pre-natal exposure to fluoride has the potential to lower IQ in children.

The three studies and the news articles generated:

Date Title Source
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride Concentrations in a National Sample of Pregnant Women in Canada. By Till et al. Environmental Health
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Prenatal fluoride exposure and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms in children at 6–12 years of age in Mexico City. By Bashash et al.  Environment International
Oct 10, 2018 STUDY: Fluoride exposure and thyroid function among adults living in Canada: Effect modification by iodine status. By Malin et al. Environment International
Oct 10, 2018 Three new studies released today link fluoride exposure to ADHD and thyroid problems — and point to drinking water as the major source of exposure. Environmental Health News
By Brian Bienkowski
Oct 10, 2018 Higher levels of urinary fluoride associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children Dalla Lana School of Public
Health, University of Toronto
Oct 10, 2018 Study: Fluoride levels in pregnant women in Canada show drinking water is primary source of exposure to fluoride= Media Release:
York University, Toronto, Canada
Oct 10, 2018 Fluoride in pregnant women shows water is the primary source Radio Canada International
By Lynn Desjardins
Oct 14, 2018 Study shows potential effect of fluoride on thyroid function for some Canadians Media Release: York
University, Toronto, Canada
Oct 14, 2018 New Research Suggests Levels Of Fluoride In Your Urine During Pregnancy Might Be Tied To ADHD Symptoms Later On Romper
By Casey Suglia
Oct 15, 2018 Canadian studies prompt researcher to voice grave concerns Press Release
Fluoride Free New Zealand
Oct 15, 2018 Five More Fluoride-Condemning Studies are Published – When Is It Enough? Press Release:
New York State
Coalition Opposed to
Fluoridation (NYSCOF)
Oct 15, 2018 Fluoride Exposure in Pregnancy Tied to ADHD Symptoms in Kids Psych Central
By Traci Pedersen
Oct 15, 2018 Maternal fluoride levels in pregnancy are related to cognitive problems of the child The Weekly Observer (UK)
By Taso
Oct 16, 2018 Higher Levels of Fluoride Found to be Linked With ADHD in Children PreventDisease.com
By Marco Torres
Oct 16, 2017 Reason to switch to fluoride-free toothpaste during pregnancy All4Women
(South Africa)
Oct 17, 2018 Fluoride In Urine During Pregnancy Could Be Tied To ADHD Symptoms In Children MOMS.com
By Kelly Bryant
Oct 18, 2018 Meadville Water Authority buys fluoride analyzers from Franklin – The last five paragraphs discuss the new studies The Meadville
Tribune (PA)
By Mike Crowley
Oct 18, 2018 Prenatal fluoride exposure linked to ADHD in kids Medscape
By George W. Citroner
Oct 22, 2018 Fluoride, ADHD link found in recent study The Chonicle Herald
(Nova Scotia)
By Colinb MacLeod ND
Oct 23, 2018 Thyroid Deficiency Linked to Iodine Deficiency and Fluoridated Water Dr Mercola
Oct 27, 2018  Letter: Fluoride exposure link to reduced IQ among children By Declan Waugh
The Southern Star


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