Fluoride Action Network

Sources of Fluoride

"Estimation of the amount of fluoride ingested from all environmental and dietary sources is important so that rational and scientifically sound decisions can be made when guidelines for the use of fluorides are reviewed periodically and modified." (Journal of Dental Research 1992)

Processed Food Items

When fluoride is added to public water supplies, it does not just go into the water, it goes all into all of the food products made with that water (e.g., soda, juice, beer, cereal, soup, etc). As a result, people living in non-fluoridated communities of heavily fluoridated countries like the U.S. will routinely be exposed to fluoridated water when they purchase processed drinks and foods. The mass fluoridation of water supplies thus results in the mass fluoridation of processed drinks and foods and drinks.

Another factor contributing to elevated fluoride levels in processed factors is the use of mechanical deboning processes in the meat industry, particularly with chicken.

For information on the fluoride levels in various processed beverages and foods and some tips for ways you can reduce your intake of fluoride from this source, see:

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