TEN petitioners seized the ancient right to present their grievances during the Tynwald Day proceedings.

Dental and orthodontic services were the subject of a petition from Douglas resident Joe Duffy, presented by Onchan MHK Peter Karran.

‘Over the past few years many people haven’t been able to find state dentists and some of the poorer people in society aren’t able to access private care and their teeth are suffering,’ Mr Duffy said.

Kevin Glynn and Greeba Skinner, campaign directors of Save Our Water, lodged petitions relating to the fluoride debate, namely the way the Department of Health and Social Security handled data and other issues linked to fluoridation.

Isle of Man Newspapers coverage of the fluoride debate led to Ramsey man Graham Joughin presenting a petition.

Mr Joughin, who skipped away from Tynwald Hill after presenting his petition, wants legislation to be drawn up to remedy the monopoly he says Isle of Man Newspapers appears to have.

‘I think there are many fine journalists in Isle of Man Newspapers who would not be happy with this sort of centralised editorial decisions being made on behalf of all three newspapers,’ he said.

Robert Farrer, of Cronk Reayrt, Peel, wants a change in the benefits system which he describes as inadequate.

The Parkinson’s Disease sufferer, was forced to stop work earlier this year but found he was entitled to just £61.35 (now £63.75) per week incapacity benefit, said the campaign had more than 800 supporters.

Mr Farrer said two MHKs and an MLC were supportive but not committed.

Robert David Kelly, of Baldrine, believes he may have been subject to duplicate charges from the Water Authority. He asked Andrew Jessopp to present his petition calling for the charging procedures to be centralised and simplified.

Rodger Gimbert, of Derby Road, Peel’s petition called for a select committee to establish what data on Manx residents is transferred to UK government departments and other jurisdictions from Isle of Man Government and civil service departments and that measures be introduced to minimise the amount of data transferred.

Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, of Claughbane Road, Ramsey, presented a petition against the closure of three residential homes to long-term admissions.

While the DHSS has put the move on hold, Mrs Lombard-Chibnall wants to see the policy overturned permanently.

Cregneash resident Dave Boyle’s petition called for Tynwald to look at Manx National Heritage in terms of its remit and human rights laws regarding respect for private and family life and in correspondence.

David Whittaker, of Beech Grove, Ballasalla, presented a petition on behalf of the Ballasalla and District Residents’ Association following an expensive legal battle over a failed bid to build 257 homes at Crossag Farm.

The association said high legal costs meant the planning appeal system was weighted in favour of people with money and withdrew from the legal proceedings.

A petition presented by Martin Moore, of Port-e-Chee, Avenue, Douglas, called for a change in appeal procedures under the Road Transport Licensing Act. Mr Moore wants the licensing committee’s decision to be quashed once an appeal is lodged and a fresh hearing to be held before the high bailiff who would then rule on whether a taxi licence should be granted or not. At present, if the committee is satisfied with its decision that ruling must stand.