ANTI-fluoride lobbyists in Wodonga say they now have 3000 reasons why the city’s water supply shouldn’t be fluoridated.

Wodonga’s Fluoride Education Awareness Team’s Marilyn Edgar says they have more than that number of signatures on a petition and hundreds of individual submissions opposing the plans.

The group has manned a table in High St from Wednesday to Saturday for several weeks gathering up to 200 signatures a day as well as door knocking and delivering flyers.

Miss Edgar said they have the groundswell of public support Victorian Health Minister Bronwyn Pike said was needed to overturn plans to fluoridate the city’s water by July.

“Ms Pike said if a community didn’t want fluoride it wouldn’t be forced upon them,” she said

“We think that 3000 signatures and the 200 or so individual submissions should be enough to convince her.

“Everyone we speak to is shocked that the plan is going ahead and given us their full support.

“We have people wanting to sign twice once they hear the health risks.”

The groundswell of support for the lobby comes as several politicians also join the outcry.

Member for Murray Valley Ken Jasper wants more consultation before water supplies are fluoridated and a referendum.

“If fluoride is to be introduced into Wangaratta and Wodonga’s water supply the general public needs further information on all the implications of its inclusion in their drinking water,” he said.

“I will continue to push plans for a referendum on the issue.”

Independent Ballarat Province member Dianne Hadden wants a dual referendum, one on fluoride and the other to decriminalise abortion.

“The Government is barging ahead to fluoridate potable water supples without undertaking a health impact statement, releasing the results for public scrutiny and letting the people make an informed decision,” she said.

“Now there is demonstrated public opposition, the minister says the “jury is in” and intends to proceed regardless of the overwhelming public opinion against fluoridation.”

The Wodonga petition and submissions will be sent to the Minister in coming weeks.

The team will continue to man Wodonga’s High St stall for the next two weeks.