Port Angeles – A third ethics complaint has been filed with the City of Port Angeles, this time, against city attorney, Bill Bloor.

The complaint was received by the city on Wednesday, authored by Attorney, Peter Perron. In the preliminary remarks section of his complaint, Perron cites “the ethical conduct of the Subject Official in his capacity as City Attorney.”

The complaint itself is 33 pages long, and is centered primarily on the actions and non-actions of City Attorney Bill Bloor.

The complaint addresses three distinct events that are tied in to the city’s original 2005 fluoridation system construction project.

Event 1 cites fraudulent misrepresentation of a July 21st memo from last year authored by Bloor.

Event 2 cites the failure of Bloor to raise objections to a December 15th, 2015, motion by the city council to continue fluoridation when there were procedural issues that should have been apparent.

Event 3 cites a failure to correct what the complainant refers to as unlawful events at a February 2nd, 2016, city council meeting in which the claimant refers to CCRP violations. Those violations would have prohibited the delegation of chairing of the city council meeting to Cherie Kidd.

Perron’s complaint does not seek Bloor’s removal from office, but does ask that the complaint not be combined with any other complaints currently pending before the city. Two other complaints were filed over the past two weeks over the city council’s handling of continuing the use of fluoride despite the recent public outcry.

The city is still in the process of reviewing the complaint, and upon initial review, they have noted that Chapter 2.78 of the municipal code is applicable only to current and former public elected or appointed officials. It does not apply to City employees who work under the direction of the City Manager.

The city says that the complaint has been passed along to the City Manager, who intends to seek an independent review of its contents.