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Wellington’s water has been inadequately fluoridated for six years, review finds

Source: The New Zealand Herald | July 7th, 2022 | By Georgina Campbell
Location: New Zealand

A review has found water in the Wellington region hasn’t been fluoridated properly for at least six years.

The report, which has been made public this afternoon, said fluoridation for oral health was not a priority within Wellington Water – which has apologised for the failings.

This was partly due to weak regulatory settings.

Regulation has focused on the safety of drinking water and only ensured it was never over-dosed with fluoride, the report found.

The independent inquiry was launched following revelations the water company turned off fluoride at two plants last year without telling the board, councils, or residents.

But the investigation by consultancy firm MartinJenkins has revealed the extent of Wellington’s fluoride failure reaches far beyond the point of facilities being turned off.