A Byron Councillor wants to fluoridate the Shire’s water supplies even though the council has an anti-fluoride policy currently in place.

Councillor Diane Woods says she will lodge a motion at next month’s meeting calling for the council to fluoridate its water.

Yesterday, Byron Shire Councillors held a private briefing on the merits of adding the chemical to the local water supply.

Councillor Woods says that meeting has changed her mind and she is no longer worried about the alleged health dangers associated with the process.

She says it will be a battle to get support from other Councillors.

“I feel comfortable enough to at least test the issue at a Council meeting,” said Councillor Woods.

“It is silly that we are the only council in the region not to have fluoride in our drinking water,” she said.

“The dental health of our children in the Byron Shire is terrible and this process would help fix that problem,”.