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A list of some communities that fluoridate and don’t fluoridate drinking water

Source: The Canadian Press in the Coast Reporter | March 9th, 2016
Location: Canada, National

Communities in Canada started adding fluoride to their drinking water in 1945 after research found it reduced cavities. In the last decade or so, many municipalities have voted to stop fluoridation as questions have arisen about its benefits. The Canadian Dental Association believes about 37 per cent of the population currently drinks fluoridated water.

Some major cities that fluoridate:







Some cities that have stopped fluoridation:

Saint John, N.B. — City council voted against it in 2014.

Quebec City — Council voted to stop in 2008.

Windsor, Ont. — Council voted to stop in 2013.

Waterloo, Ont. — Residents voted against fluoridation in a plebiscite in 2010.

Calgary — Residents voted against fluoridation in plebiscites held in 1957, 1961 and 1971. Another plebiscite in 1989 started fluoridation and another in 1999 continued it. Council voted against fluoridation in 2011.

Some cities that have never fluoridated:


Guelph, Ont.



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