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A question of fluoride in Waipukurau

Source: Centrasl Hawke | September 10th, 2009
Location: New Zealand

Waipukurau citizens will be asked over the next two months whether Central Hawke’s Bay District Council should stop adding fluoride to their water supply.

The question is being asked as the fluoride dosing system at the Waipukurau water treatment plant needs replacing – and Council considers it timely to ask the community their views about fluoride. Mayor Trish Giddens said today that Council has no opinion either way about fluoride in water supplies, but Council will ensure that information both ‘for’ and ‘against’ fluoridation will be made available to the public.

“There was no consultation with the public when fluoridation began in Waipukurau in 1979 as it was seen as an important health issue at the time. But now with increased awareness, over the next two months we will survey Waipukurau people directly about whether they still want fluoride in the water. People can make written submissions or submit online, and expert advice will be readily available. Council will then consider all submissions and advice and make an informed decision in November.”

The Hawke’s Bay District Health Board and local dentist, John Jukes, will present information both ‘for’ and ‘against’ fluoridation at a public information evening on Thursday 10 September at 5.30pm at the Memorial Hall. Written information will also be sent to properties in Waipukurau connected to the water supply, and will also be available on Council’s website. Waipukurau’s water supply is the only water supply fluoridated in Central Hawke’s Bay.

Waipukurau Fluoridation Consultation Timeline

Early-September: Written information about the ‘pros’ and cons’ of fluoridation will be sent to property owners in Waipukurau.

Mid-September: People who own a property in Waipukurau and are connected to the mains water supply will be sent a survey and submission form.

Mid-September: People who are directly affected e.g: tenants, businesses, schools, are sent a survey and submission form.

Anybody who is directly affected may also make a written submission or submit online www.chbdc.govt.nz.

Submissions and surveys open on 18 September and close on 16 October 2009.

You may speak as part of your submission at a public Council hearing (date to be advised).

Mayor and Councillors will consider the survey results, submissions, oral submissions, and make a final decision in November 2009.

Read information on the pros and cons of fluoridation here (PDF)

Discuss the topic in our online forum

Make a submission about fluoridating the Waipukurau water supply here

An FAQ on the Fluoridation proces can be read here [no link given]

Important: Central Hawke’s Bay District Council does not express a view on fluoridation. Information ‘for’ and ‘against’ fluoridation represents the opinions of the parties who have supplied this information and should not be taken as reflecting Council’s position.

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