Fluoride Action Network

A Second Victory in Arkansas

Source: International Fluoride Information Network | November 6th, 2002
Location: United States, Arkansas

Dear All,

Margie Shaw in Arkansas has sent us two pieces of information from Arkansas. First, the victory against fluoridation in Texarkana, Arkansas (population 31,656) was a massive two to one success. Against 4,231 (63%) and for 2,467 (37%). Second, because of the magnificent efforts of our triple f’s (fantastic fluoridation fighters) in Texarkana, it helped the nearby town of Ashdown, Arkansas (population 5,150) defeat the measure there as well ( 790 versus 721).

To date then we had victories against fluoridation in the following communities last night:

Texarkana, Arkansas
Ashdown, Arkansas
Watsonville, California*
Redding, California
Methuen, Massachusetts
Billings, Montana
Kalispell, Montana
Reno, Nevada (Washoe County)

I make that victories on the west coast, the east coast, in the center and in the south! Let’s here it for the triple f’s!

But spare a thought for Lynne Campbell, the fantastic fighter from Oregon, who saw Beaverton go down. She writes:

“Well, you probably have seen the disappointing figures for Beaverton — 7,542 in favor to 6,646 opposed.”

HOWEVER, you might not even have known about this one which was sneaked on the ballot late in the game…

Kalispell, MT says “NO” to fluoridation — 63% to 37%

Paul Connett.

*In Watsonville, CA, newspapers are reporting that the vote on Measure S is too close to call, as there are evidently additional absentee ballots and provisional ballots that were not included in the original absentee ballot total. Measure S is now showing a lead of 32 votes (Jeff Green).