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Acute drinking water scarcity in western part of Kurnool district

Source: The Hans India | By the Hans News Service
Posted on May 2nd, 2021
Location: India

Kurnool: Drinking water problem is rampant on the western part of Kurnool district. The residents of Hule Beedu, Tumbala Beedu, Manekurthi, Angaskal, A Gonehal and Marakattu villages in Halaharvi mandal allege that they are not getting water even after a fortnight.

According to information, the Low Level Canal (LLC) water in Halaharvi mandal is being supplied to Bapuram lift irrigation scheme. From there the water would be again supplied to the villages in Halaharvi and Alur mandals. But the water is not sufficient to cater to the drinking water needs of one mandal.

To address the problem of the residents of Alur mandal, the earlier government has laid a separate pipeline under urban scheme up to Alur from Bapuram lift irrigation scheme at a cost of Rs 8 crore. Despite the initiative, several villages in Alur mandal are not getting sufficient water for drinking.

A resident of Alur has said that they were not supplied water for the last 15 days. The borewell or hand pump water is not safe to consume as it contains fluoride. The bore water is only useful for washing and bathing. Due to lack of supply of safe drinking water, they are forced to consume the fluoride water, he lamented. The residents of Hatti Belagal, Arkera, Thanda, Kurukunda, Muddanageri and Molagavalli villages are alleging that the officials have failed to take initiatives to address their water woes.

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