Pittsburgh—The ADA, the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention celebrated 66 years of community water fluoridation at the National Oral Health Conference April 12, honoring more than 100 states and communities with 2010 Fluoridation Awards at Pittsburgh’s Westin Convention Center.

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Honored: Dr. Steven M. Levy receives the 2010 Fluoridation Merit Award at the National Oral Health Conference April 12 at the Pittsburgh Westin Convention Center from Judith Feinstein, oral health director for the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and chair of the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Fluorides Committee chair.

A total of 22 communities were recognized with Community Fluoridation Initiative Awards for passing water fluoridation initiatives during the past year: El Dorado, Ark.; Watsonville, Calif.; Plant City, Fla.; Pickney, Mich.; in Mississippi, Naval Construction Battal, D’Iberville Water & Sewer, Town of Derma, Leesburg Water Association, Improve Water Association, New Hope Water Association, City of Bay St. Louis, City of Waveland, Rose Hill Water Association, Hotophia Water Association, Sparta Water Association, Kiln Water & Fire, Hancock Water & Sewer, Northeast Copiah Water Association, Harmony Water Association, Pearlington Water Association, and City of Bruce; and Gretna, Neb.

Another 10 communities received Fluoridation Reaffirmation Awards for defeating initiatives to discontinue fluoridation or approving initiatives to maintain fluoridation, including: Crescent City, Calif.; Dubuque and Iowa City, Iowa; Marine City, Mich.; Bolivar, Mo.; Walden, N.Y.; McMinnville and Keizer, Ore.; Proctor, Vt.; and Amery, Wis.

California received a State Fluoridation Initiative Award for having the greatest increase in population receiving fluoridated water in 2010.

Alabama, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Dakota and Virginia received State Fluoridation Quality Awards for maintaining the quality of fluoridation and optimal fluoride levels.

Sixty-seven water systems received Fifty Year Awards for achieving 50 years of continuous water fluoridation during the past calendar year. A complete list of recipients is available on the ADA Dental Society Services website (www.adadentalsociety.org/members/society/awards/fluoridation.asp).

Dr. Steven M. Levy was honored with the Fluoridation Merit Award in recognition for his outstanding contributions to the science and promotion of fluorides and community water fluoridation.

Dr. Levy is a professor and graduate program director at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and has an appointment in the Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health. With an extensive team of collaborators on the Iowa Fluoride Study, he continues to investigate the epidemiology of fluoride intake and dental fluorosis, including intake, dietary patterns and dental caries, as well as esthetic perceptions of dental fluorosis and other conditions, and genetic aspects of fluorosis and caries.

Dr. Levy is part of an interdisciplinary team involved in early childhood caries prevention. Other current and recent research projects include health services research on the use of water fluoride assay and dietary fluoride supplements; the use of dentifrice by preschool children; medication use in dentistry; the measurement and prevention of incipient root surface caries; Alzheimer’s disease and oral health; and the epidemiology of oral disease among the elderly.